Posted by: Leap of Faith | January 29, 2007

Knowledge Bowl

Just taking a short breather from my toxic work load

I thought this would also be a good time to brag about the latest achievements of my boys. Luigi and Rafael were chosen the other day to compete in ISG\’s annual Knowledge Bowl. Duh? What bowling contest?! Anyway, just so we are on the same page, how about if I try this… Quiz Bee and Battle of the Brains… Yipee! gets niyo rin!

There are four to five sections (composed of at least 20 students) in each grade level. The teachers chose 4 students from each class to compete in this gruesome mental challenge. Of course my boys were not handpicked by their teachers to compete (although, to tell you honestly, I really feel my boys deserve to represent their class). Instead, to be fair, each student in the class had to undergo an intial elimination round. Needless to say, my boys aced the test and were chosen to be part of the finalists.

They were each given a reviewer consisting of various questions relating to science, math, language and current events. Pinky, who was herself a top contender/winner during her days, was very much eager to give my boys a tip or two. I had to contribute as well… cheering them on while during our review sessions.

Today was the day of reckoning. In the past, the representatives from each class were placed in one team. (O, why are you reacting? My boys are just in Grade 1 and 2 – give them a break! Of course, this is a team (not individual) competition!) But now they made some twist. In order to avoid possible leakages in the test questions and answers (serious no?), all the students were mixed up so each team would have one representative from each class. Smart! Rafael was quite disappointed with the new set-up. He wanted to compete with his friends!

Anyway, the boys went to school this morning all prepared for battle. I reassured them that we were proud of their achievement and that winning the contest is just a (big) bonus. What is most important is that they play fair and have fun! Bull! Bring home the bacon

Results are now out. Rafael\’s team, unfortunately, did not win (obviously because of his other team mates who did not contribute much to the group ) but Luigi\’s team won first place. However, the consolation prize of Rafael is that he was chosen to play the lead role in his class play, where he will play the role of the smart fox! Yup, walang connect but I just had to say it.

That\’s all for now. We have to start reviewing for next year\’s Knowledge Bowl. Competitive!



  1. Congratulations to Luigi and his team for winning the Knowledge Bowl! 🙂 And Rafael, goodness, lead role in a class play?! Do we have who could be the little boy version of Lea Salonga in our midst? Cool! 🙂 You and Pinky have every right to be proud!

  2. Hon, you beat me to the draw in posting this event! Proud Papa – hmmph! Anyway, I definitely share your sentiments… better prep “clever fox” for next year’s “tagisan ng talino” – hahaha!

  3. Wow! Mega smart talaga si Luigi and Rafa. I guess it runs in the family right? I didn’t know showbiz runs in your blood as well. hehehe. Good luck to Rafa’s new stint as the smart fox. =) hehehe.

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