Posted by: Leap of Faith | January 23, 2007

Starting to Get Settled

The past few days have been really crazy. Since we came back to work early this month, my Internet access in the office has been having problems. However, I guess it is somewhat a blessing in the sense that I can now focus on finishing my work, which, by the way, has started to pile up over the past few days. Wait! I have to clarify, though, that the delays were not due to my own doing but because of the inefficiency of other people! There… now I can proceed!

I just wanted to update our relatives back home that my dear Bro Cuz is finally getting settled. Since arriving in Dammam last November, we offered Tito Dimples to stay in our flat until he finds a suitable place for his family. The search for a decent home went on for weeks. Most of the time the places we went to just reminded me of the same horrifying places I went to when I was doing my own house hunting. Flashback…dirty, run down buildings and toe curler bathrooms – yuck!

Through the grace of God, Bro Cuz was finally led to a small but decent place about 10 minutes away from where we live. Although the area for the living and dining room is quite small, this is well compensated by the nicely tiled bathrooms, spacious kitchen, comfortably sized bedrooms (all three) and the close proximity of the building to the Dammam Corniche. I don’t want to exaggerate but driving near the Corniche area reminds me of Roxas Boulevard during its glory days (yes, I’ve seen old pictures of our famed sunset strip!).

The next few days and weeks until February will be busier for us. Our weekends will now be allotted to buying all the necessary household appliances and furniture for the Magallanes Mansion. Bro Cuz is doing his best to ensure that Sis Cuz and my handsome nephew, Ira, easily gets settled in when they arrive next month.

I know our relatives back home are starting to feel sad and anxious about Ge and Ira’s impending departure. But, I must say that I share more in Rinel’s joy rather than their sadness. We look forward to having you here soon, Ira and Ge!

Sugod mga Bagong Bayani!



  1. Hon, no use getting defensive about reason for your recent work pile-up – hehehe! I share in your eager anticipation over the arrival of DD Ge and macho-guapito Ira in BB (aka Bagong Bayani) Rinel’s MM (Magallanes Mansion) 🙂

  2. Keith, I was already wondering why you haven’t been posting as eagerly as you used to. 😉 Work pile up pala ang dahilan. That’s a good enough excuse. Hehe.

  3. Hon, we can not have enough Domestic Divas here! Please start organizing the Domestic Divas, Dammam Chapter (DDD). You have officially been appointed as Diva Leader with Ge as your second in command.

  4. Weng, I know its been a while since my last post. I have actually filed a complaint on my current employer for changing my work load so drastically. It has gotten in the way of my usual blogging routine. Grrr!

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