Posted by: Leap of Faith | January 10, 2007

Strutting My Stuff!

My last post was a video of the boys clowning around. Now it’s a video of my lovely daughter trying to show off her stuff.

Marga is now 7 months and trying to push herself up from a flat-on-the-belly position. Now and then, Pinky and I start to feel pressured to compare Marga with other babies of the same age (i.e. our also beautiful niece, Tashing, who has started to stand on her own two feet and eat chicken!). But later realized that each baby is different. Apparently, Marga is the type who wants to take it slowly and just chill at her own pace.

Grammy, Wiwa and Wowo, I hope you enjoy this!

PS: Carrie, please still post updates on Tasha. She is our official “What to Expect” guide for babies!



  1. keith and pinks grabe! super cute naman ni marga ….

  2. hay, why can’t i ever view videos on this darned laptop? 😦 pero alam ko namang cutie talaga si marga! 🙂

  3. wow, that’s one cute supergirl! just saw marga’s new vid. still tryin to play the vid of the two boys clownin around, but seems to be taking forever to play.

  4. Wow, superstar si Marga! nasa YouTube na! Gwapa talaga! Kiss her for me please!!! 🙂

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