Posted by: Leap of Faith | January 7, 2007

January 3

After a long absence from my usual blogging routine, I’d like to announce that I am back!

The past holiday was very hectic. Our new year was spent in Bahrain where most of the Saudis also flocked too to celebrate their Hajj. As expected, the roads and malls where very much congested. I will not go into details on how we spent our New Year as my dear wife, Pinky, has already done this in her Saudi Sexpat Stories.

I will be continuing our adventures from where Pinky left off… January 3. This is a very special day for our family as we celebrated two major events, Luigi’s 8th year birthday and Marga’s 7th month birthday.

After binging to our hearts delight in Bahrain, our stomachs were still filled with undigested food from Benigans and Sato Japenese Restaurant on the morning of January 3. I personally felt like an Anaconda who just ate a whole Buffalo for his last meal. Fortunately, that day, we all had to do some major cleaning of our flat which burned most of those California Maki and Sushi!

We asked Luigi how he wanted to celebrate his birthday (obviously Marga had no say in this). He had a choice of either spending this in one of the nearby theme parks (ala Star City in Manila) or to go bowling. I was quite sure he would choose the former since I he is so into riding all these thrill rides. But I was wrong. He opted to show his bowling prowess instead.

We had heard from a few friends that there is only one bowling alley here in the Eastern Province, which was located in the Al Gosaibi Hotel in Al Khobar. We went there but the place was packed with Filipinos! Apparently, Wednesday night is tournament night so all the lanes were occupied. Luigi was starting to get disappointed but the Manager there told us that, if we wanted, he could give us one lane when the tournament finishes at 10PM. The boys were very determined and, despite our late reservation, they assured us that both of them will still be awake by that time! Pinky and I were so tired from a day of cleaning. But how could we not let the children have fun on this special day? In short, we confirmed our reservation and that (deep inside) made us feel like the hosts of “Wish Ko Lang!”

To kill time, we had our birthday dinner in the ever reliable Chinese Tandoori Restaurant located at the Al Khobar Corniche. As usual, we were all contented with the gastronomical delights which we ordered. If my memory serves me right, we ordered soup, mushroom with bamboo shoots, shrimps in something sauce, chicken in something sauce, and other things in something sauce too (it must be the MSG!). Anyway, we ended the night with three scoops of ice cream each, which also served as Luigi and Marga’s birthday cakes.

We headed back to Al Gosaibi where I was ready to show off my Paeng N skills. Pinky looked absolutely stunning as she removed her Abayah to show off her Bong Coo moves. Yes people, women can remove their Abayah when they bowl but they can’t remove it when they need to swim in the pool! Does that make sense? Hmmm, well a lot of things don’t make sense here!

Anyway, Luigi and Rafael had difficulty carrying the 9 pound ball. But this was not about to ruin their night. They hit a few pins but that was enough to make them fly on cloud nine!

Tito Dimps (you know who he is) also started to flex his muscles, which made those ten pins shiver with fear. I knew how those poor pins felt especially since they were faced with the King Pin himself!

The night was great. Although our scores were very pathetic, we had so much fun. It seems that we have discovered a new activity that we can do on a more regular basis. Luigi was at some time heard saying that this was his best birthday ever! Hmmm… bolero ka na anak!

I posted some pictures below. Hope you like them.



  1. Happy birthday luigi!!! grabe keth may 8 years old ka na!!!!!!

  2. Happy birthday to Luigi and Marga! Keith where are the pics? Maybe the reason for the low scores is because of full stomach? Mahirap nga naman magbowl ang busog na anaconda diba? hmm…They normally sleep instead of bowl after eating…=) Kisses to the birthday celebrants!

  3. Bolero bowler? Hmmm…wonder kung kanino nagmana? Hehehe! As Luigi will say after reading this: “Awesome” post! Here’s to more enjoyable bowling games to come!

  4. Our warmest birthday greetings to Luigi! Greetings to Marga, too for her 8th month of life! 🙂 Masarap talaga kumain! Hehe. Kisses to all. Mwah, mwah, mwah!

  5. Thanks everyone. Sorry forgot to include the pics.

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