Posted by: Leap of Faith | December 27, 2006

The Unexpected Guest

We woke up late on Christmas day. The boys woke up earlier, hoping to see their presents from Santa. Their socks were empty.

When I woke up, I spoke to the two boys hoping to ease their disappointment. Luigi was still hopeful that Santa saw their letter (the one which was sent through Grammy Dollie in Manila) and that he would drop by on the eve of the 25th. I was also hoping that this would actually happen.

We left some cookies and milk on our table. Last year, Santa found these goodies very tempting when he dropped by our house to deliver the presents. We also left our video camera playing (aimed at the cookies and milk) but this was concealed on a nearby table. We had hoped that the camera will finally give us a glimpse of how Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick looks like. That morning, the cookies and milk were still intact. The presents were nowhere in sight. Santa really did not drop by our house.

The video camera mysteriously stopped playing, though. So we decided to just watch the footage knowing quite well what to expect. Nothing!

Surprisingly, somewhere in the footage, we heard an undistinguishable sound. We listened to it once and then another time again. It was very unusual considering that the video was taken so late in the night and when we were all fast asleep. The boys thought it was the sound of our doorbell. I knew it was not. Nonetheless, in order to solve the mystery, the boys decided to ring our bell to compare the sound.

On their way to the door, they found something on the floor. It was a letter which, unmistakably, was slipped from the outside. The boys scrambled to open the letter and they instantly recognized the hand writing and red ink, something they saw last year. It was a letter from our unexpected guest – Santa!

I was hoping too scan the letter to show all of you but couldn’t. So I just decided to re-type everything to keep you in the loop. These letters will give you an idea of how our Christmas morning went. Hope you enjoy them.

PS: By the way, thanks for all your prayers. Santa did drop by our flat and we were all happy.

First Letter:

Dearest Luigi, Rafael and little Baby Marga,

I am still trying to catch my breath from my long journey to Saudi Arabia. As you know, only a few people here in the Kingdom believe in me (or know I exist) that is why this is always the last place I go to during my annual Christmas run. Also, Rudolph and the gang always have a difficult time flying over the Arabian sky since my trusted leader has to dim his nose whenever they fly so as not to catch the attention of the other people. My eyesight is getting worse every year and driving that heavy sleigh without the glow from Rudolph’s nose is really, really difficult.

I was quite surprised to see your house all bare and empty when I dropped by tonight. I was anticipating that both of you will come up with another crazy idea like last year when you locked all the windows and doors to make my gift giving more difficult. You thought I couldn’t pass through those small spaces because of my big belly – but you were mistaken. Ho! Ho! Ho!

This year, I thought I came prepared for the Sy boys. I was wrong. You pulled a fast one on me again – totally disappearing from your house! Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s good you decided to leave a note for me or I would end up roaming the world trying to look for where you are. By the way, thank you for also reminding me about your little sister, Marga. Although, to tell you, honestly, I’m surprised you thought I would forget a cute and nice little girl like her. She seems to be bringing so much joy to your family the past few months. Am I right?

Anyway, I tried to deliver my gifts to your new house but I suddenly heard one of your neighbors opening the door. I had to move as quickly as I could otherwise they will be surprised to see a jolly old man (in a red suit) trying to break in your house. Imagine how shocked they would be to see me… wearing red and not black!

I couldn’t open your door on time so I ended up going back to your roof where my friends were making a commotion. I left another note on your satellite dish telling you finally where I kept your presents. Sorry for letting you have to go out of the house. Please make sure you wear something warm before you guys go up. Also, I just wanted to remind you not to make any noise going there… we don’t want to get into any trouble, you know?



Second Letter:

Hello boys. I hope you did not bring Marga along with you. Did you do what I told you in my first letter? What, you forgot? Okay, remember to keep quiet going down the stairs and into your house. No one should know what you did on top of the roof. Ho! Ho! Ho!

I tried to open your locks but I think they jammed. I decided to run up the roof to warn the reindeer to keep quiet. They were starting to get excited that we finally found you. Prancer, Dancer and Vixen, most especially, were making loud noises with their hooves. Your neighbor was starting to get suspicious.

I tried passing through your kitchen door but an old man with glasses and white hair saw me hanging on the balcony. I am hoping that he did not realize what he saw. I couldn’t go into your house anymore since I was getting worried that the man might call the other people and ask why there is a big red ball hanging on top of the building so I decided to just leave the presents on your balcony. I’m sure you will see them properly stacked outside.

Sorry for not being able to go in your house this year. I miss eating the cookies and milk that you left on your table. They look very yummy.

Anyway, I will try to ask Mrs Claus to make me a black Santa suit for next year. Hopefully, by then, your neighbors will not think I look odd.

Please kiss little Marga for me. Ho! Ho! Ho!





  1. Hello Keith! I really admire your creativity when it comes to making sure your kids do have fun and enjoy the best of life (in KSA) has to offer. You even made sure Santa drops by your house for Christmas! Sana naman mabasa to ni Donnie para ma-inspire! Merry Christmas and Happy new year uli!!

  2. Ho, ho, ho!!! Think real hard for next year ‘coz you know the boys will be expecting something more exciting! 🙂 Happy new year! Chat with you soon!

  3. Bro, this is quite impressive. You really went out of your way to bring the “magic” into your house. Might be difficult to tops that. Enjoy the rest of the holidays.

  4. My goodness, your creativity really seems to be oozing out of your ears since you moved to KSA! I am now tempted to pack my bags and hopefully have a fresh does of your creative juices, hehehe. HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS and belated HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I finally made my first post after a 2-3 week hiatus. I hope I can keep this up still even after the holidays… Kisses to Pinky and the brood! Will miss you guys at Bellevue this year! New Year’s celebrations will never be the same for the Marasigan and the Biticons without you….naks! 😀

  5. hey drop by my blog when you have a chance… i posted an 80s quiz that you probably will enjoy answering — wag nang mag deny, matanda ka na! hehe

  6. Keith, what can I say? I’m impressed! I’d like to think that I’m creative but after reading your post, hindi pala yata. 🙂 Happy New Year to all of you…and hugs and kisses, too!

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