Posted by: Leap of Faith | December 22, 2006

Do kids really like Santa?

I had a very interesting conversation with Luigi and Rafael last night. It was about Santa.

We found an internet site the other day that supposedly tracks down the whereabouts of Jolly Ol\’ Saint Nick when he does his annual Christmas run. The boys got very excited since they will be able to know if Santa will drop by the Kingdom. As you know, the boys sent an urgent letter to the Man in Red advicing him of our new residence in the Kingdom. They are very hopeful that Santa sees this letter and brings them some of their Christmas wishes (yup, very assuming sila na they are on the \”nice\” list).

As a child, I was always eager to catch a glimpse of Santa Claus as he puts my present inside my socks (and not really pecking my mom on the cheeks). Unfortuantely, that Ol\’ man always seems to be successful in delivering our gifts without anyone noticing him. No matter how late I stay up during the night, I always fall asleep everytime he arrives.

I asked the boys if they wanted to see Santa. To my surprise, I got a very unexpected response. My boys (Rafael most especially) are just plain frightened of the thought that they will be in the same room as Santa. It is just so freaky for them to know how a big fat man (in a bright red suit) can pass through windows, doors, chimneys or whatever crack he can find without anyone noticing him. Rafael said that Santa can do all those things because he is a \”spirit\” while Luigi thinks he has some bizaare kind of magic. Okay, I never saw Santa that way, anak. Isn\’t he just a nice jolly man, with rosy cheeks and fluffy cotton-white beard? I admit, the Ho! Ho! Ho! stuff can get really weird. But I guess that unusual laugh is just because he is soooo overweight.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I had to stay with the boys until they fell asleep. Rafael was so freaked out by our conversation that he literally clamped himself to me so he can sleep. Escaping was so difficult. I had to gently unhook his hand from my body or he would wake up again and get mad at me for leaving the room.

I am quite worried how our Christmas Eve will go. After all, it is so sad to ask a poor big man to fly from Manila to Saudi Arabia just to find out that no one is excited to see him. I hope Santa still has time to move my boys to his \”naughty\” list or he will get really, really disappointed to know about our conversation last night. At the same time, it will also be sad to know that my boys will not be getting their gifts because they made an innocent comment like that. I\’m sure they are not the only children who are worried to see Santa Claus in person. Anyway, in case you guys bump into Mr Claus in your own houses, please make sure you don\’t mention anything about this post.

Thanks and Merry Christmas y\’all!



  1. Why did you have to put a freaky Santa picture with this post? Now even I’m scared of Santa! Hahaha! Very entertaining post.

  2. Keith, kakatakot naman yang Santa na yan!! The Santa we met in the mall was the typical fat,old,guy with fluffy cotton-like beard in red suit…Please tell Rafael not to be afraid of Santa. He’s just like any ordinary guy. How did I know? Well, an electric fan was beaming on him as he felt sooo hot wearing that heavy attire. hahahaha! But truly a nice and friendly guy. =)

  3. yes kuya pete, tell the boys that santa’s an ordinary fellow. remember last year, he got sooo tired delivering the gifts to your place that he grabbed cookies and drank milk pa? 🙂

  4. I actually got scared myslef. Hope Santa does not drop by this Christmas looking like this!

  5. Abby didn’t get a gift from Santa this year. 😦 Baka next year, when she’s sure to more or less understand more who Santa is beyond the red outfit and the hohoho! She seems to like the guy though. We bumped into santa at the Podium and I took a picture of him with Dondi and Abby. It was a “white” santa, mind you! Kaya medyo authentic talaga ang dating. I hope Luigi and Rafa will forget about the somewhat negative image they’ve conjured of santa. I loved santa as a kid even if I very well know who he really is. 😉

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