Posted by: Leap of Faith | December 13, 2006

Magnet for Disaster

The past few days have been crazy.  So many people in the office are going on leave and work is starting to pile up. 

What is bad though is that in just a span of a few days, I have been involved in two vehicular accidents. Okay, before you guys react, it was nothing major (i.e. no third party casualty).

The first accident was in our office parking lot, which gets really crowded during the day.  I was off to fetch the boys from school when, to my surprise, there was a stupid person who blocked my car.  I was so furious.  While eating a hopia (munggo) on one hand, I sweated like a pig as I tried to manuever the vehicle out of the small spot which the crazy man left for me.  I was so confident of my driving skills when suddenly… shriek…crash… boom! my front fender slammed into the post.  OMG! I almost swallowed the whole hopia.  I tried to picture the damage from my car…mental tears rolled down by cheek…this is a nightmare.  Luckily, the fender was still intact although the paint was obviously damaged.  Hay!

I am still shocked from the incident – my ego heavily bruised.  Pinky and brother cousin tried to console me while my children decided to further spit on my broken spirit by making nasty remarks. 

Slowly recovering, I again fetched the children this afternoon.  Everything seemed to be getting better until I crossed one of the major stoplights.  I had to slowdown due to a vehicle build up and then… Slam!… another stupid driver!  Noooo!!!!!  It was so surreal.  It is a fortunate thing though that my car had a metal bullbar in the rear fender, which absorbed all the impact.  This protected the vehicle from any major damage.

Looking back, I remembered a very recent blog by Allan about being under God’s mantle of protection.  Truly, these are incidents that are meant to jolt any individual.  Perhaps, a reminder of how great the Lord is and how He is control of everything. 

The only thing I can conclude is that the Lord’s mantle of protection will be given to all those who believe.













  1. Omigosh! Thank God you and the kids didn’t get hurt. God is really really good. We all want to avoid “jolts” like the ones you just experienced. Be safe!

  2. Praise God you and the children are safe!!!!! Take care keith !!!!! God is truly good!

  3. Keith, di ko alam kung matatawa ako or maawa! You’ve always managed to make me laugh when I read your blog. No offense ha. I really enjoyed it. Ooppss, of course I didn’t enjoy the part when you hit the post and someone bump you from the behind. =) But you are totally right. God is good! Good thing he didn’t allow anything bad to happen to you or the kids. Except for the part you almost choked while you were eating your hopia. Takaw kasi. =) Take care!!!

  4. Thanks y’all. I hope noe more stories like this next time.

  5. Keith, obviously relate na relate ako having been through the same accident just several days ago. Glad that you guys also came out of the accident with no major damage and most specially nobody getting hurt. Our faith indeed will continue to keep us safe. Ingat na lang lagi bro.

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