Posted by: Leap of Faith | December 9, 2006

Christmas Blues

This morning was really something.  After a hectic weekend, I was looking forward to going back to the office where I can start doing my usual (more relaxing) routine. However, I was surprised to find out that this morning was quite unusual. 

The first thing that came in my email was a letter from Mom, who sounded very unethustiastic about the holidays. Aside from the usual Christmas rush (i.e. parties, shopping and all), her work load is also getting heavier and heavier.  To make matters worse, she is also reminded of how different this Christmas celebration will be… given that three of her four Apos are out of the country. I reassured her that things will be okay and that next year’s Christmas celebration will definitely be much better (for all of us).

After replying to mom’s email, I remembered that I haven’t received my daily morning call from Brother Cousin.  Bothered, I decided to check on Rinel, who apparently was loaded with work this morning.  Aside from that, he was feeling down since last night (nope he wasn’t sick).  I guess being far away from family this time of year is extremely difficult. Even the toughest person will definitely experience the bite of loneliness when you are taken away from those you love.  I did not know what to tell him except to reassure him that we all went through the same phase and that things are just bound to get better as the days pass and when he is finally reunited with Ge and Ira.  

I then checked on how Pinky was and apparently learned that she was also feeling down because of the holidays.  We found out yesterday that the people who usually sponsor us to Aramco will be out during the holidays.  This said, it was obvious that we might not be able to attend the Christmas Eve mass, which we were all looking forward to going to.  Bahrain would have been an alternative.  However, we are not sure if Rinel’s papers (which are currently being approved/processed) will come out on time. 

Living in Saudi Arabia during Christmas is so depressing.  We all anticpated things to be bad before we left. But we never knew how difficult it is once you are here and already living the nightmare.  I’m sure if I speak to the boys they will also have their own depressing stories, which I am afraid to find out.

I am still confident that things will get better in the next few days.  Hopefully in my next blog, Santa will be singing a different tune.. Ho! Ho! Ho! instead of Bo! Ho! Ho!

Until then.
















  1. Hon, talk about being on the same wavelength – can you believe the title of my latest blog is “Blue Christmas” (and I haven’t even seen your blog till now as the pc was down this am!)? Well, guess we’re all really feeling the pinch now – we’ll get by though, am sure of that… He has never let us down before. 🙂

  2. super relate ako sa inyo keith!!! Merry Christmas!

  3. Cheer up Keith and Pinky! You may be feeling a little blue right now but I’m betting that your post-Christmas blogs will be about how you guys had a wonderfully special Christmas. You’ll be surprised at how creative you guys will be given your situation. 🙂 God bless!

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