Posted by: Leap of Faith | December 8, 2006

O Christmas Tree!

Ever since November, Pinky and I have been thinking of an activity which we can do as a family. We surfed the internet for the perfect project but found nothing. We were almost about to give up until Luigi found what we were looking for… how to make our own Christmas tree.

Over the past several years, one of the highlights of Christmas for our family is decorating our six foot tall Christmas tree at the beginning of November. I know it sounds absurd to start putting up the tree that early. But, given the effort we put in decorating our tree – complete with hundreds of lights, we find it prudent to decorate early and maximize it by lighting the tree every night. The lighted tree really gives the perfect ambience for a very wonderful holiday.

Unfortunately for us, Christmas will be less exciting this year. The Kingdom looks as dull as it was when I first arrived. No decorations on the streets. No well lighted establishments. No Christmas songs. No Christmas! Okay, who was that? I heard someone crying out there feeling very sorry for us poor unfortunate souls. Mom was that you?

Anyway, Pinky and I had to do something and that is how we finally decided to make our own Christmas tree.

The whole project seemed very easy to do. We just needed to buy a few art materials and start cutting and voila! an instant Christmas hit. Of course, you all know that it did not end that way. There were a few hitches here and there but everything got settled in the end.

I guess the pictures below is enough to show you how much fun the boys had in doing the project. Pinky and I have a different opinion but we will just share that with you guys next time.

PS: Please avoid making negative comments about our perfect little Christmas Tree unless you want to be permanently blocked from this site. Thank you for your cooperation.



  1. Won’t comment on the tree but will comment on the photos you posted of me – bakeeet??? May galit ka ata sa akin e ! 🙂 These shots are definitely NOT flattering. Better make up in your next blogs, okay?

  2. Sorry, limited photos lang kasi. Anyway, you looked like you enjoyed that McDo Hot Fudge Sundae so much. Burp!

  3. Iba pala ang effect ng Hot Fudge Sundae diyan sa KSA…. nakaka lasing pala! hahaha! Joke, Pinks! 😛

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