Posted by: Leap of Faith | November 26, 2006

Tito Dimples

Finally, after months and months of eager anticipation, Tito Dimples has finally landed on Dammam soil. I know you are starting to get confused… who is Tito Dimples (TD)? TD aka Brother Cousin, the original Guwaping, Don Enrile Magallanes Jr or plainly Rinel.

Ton and I picked up TD from the posh Sheraton Hotel, which, by the way, is the only decent hotel in this area. After enjoying the scenic view of the Dammam Corniche from his room we then went to our flat to pick-up Pinky and the children and later proceeded to eat at the Phuket Restaurant in Al Khobar.

We celebrated the arrival of TD and sent our best wishes to Leweiss and Noriel, who will be leaving the Kingdom soon. We also bumped into our doctor friends from the SAAD Hospital, who were also eating in the same place.

Anyway, hope you enjoy these pictures.

Trying to hide the dimples… hirap na baka matipuan ng Arabo!

Busog at antok na ako… burp!

Group shot… simhot na simhot yung pagkain.

Hmmm… I don\’t think I recognize you people…Waaaah!

I am the Guwaping!



  1. si tito dimples, mukhang mama. grabe. you gained weight na agad. seems like the kingdom is a great place to be in. hiyang na hiyang ang mga dudes!!!!

  2. Grabe, parang foreigner si Marga! Nagpapa highlights ba yan??? She’s so cute! Please send Marga kisses from all of us here. Kakagigil siya! 😀

  3. Sheila, nice to hear from you. Tito Dimples does look so Mama-ish, especially with that moustache he is growing. Told him to shave it off but I think he is still trying to prove something… na Mama (machong lalaki)siya at hindi Mama (Mader).

  4. Thanks Peachy… didn’t you notice that I have light brown hair too? hehehe.

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