Posted by: Leap of Faith | November 23, 2006

Disco Inferno

Its 12:15 am and I can\’t sleep. We just came back from a great birthday bash inside Aramco.  Our friend, Tito Mar, celebrated his xx birthday tonight.

We arrived at their residence at around 7:30pm and waited awhile for the other guests.  Shortly after, dinner was served. The catered Thai food was so good… very worthy of a Martha Stewart \”utterly delicious\” seal of approval.  I was trying to control myself since the que was quite long.  I felt the lady behind me irritatedly staring at me as if saying \”leave some of those pad thai noodles for me!\”  Hmmmp!

Like any traditional Pinoy party here in KSA, the night started with a few \”birit\” KTV moments.  The men started grabbing the mic to show off their stuff… some were good but most were just gutsy and drunk.  The boys also sang their signature \”Breathless\” ala The Corrs while Pinky and I tried to avoid being passed on the mic by slipping into the background pretending to take care of Marga.

The highlight of the night was our Disco Inferno.  After the singing came the body strutting with complete mobile and strobe lights. It was so like Rumors and Faces (minus of course the ledge)!  It was hot!!!! The boys were so excited to dance to the all the seventies and eighties disco music (okay, I did my own strutting too) like Rico Mambo, Mony, Mony, Lambada and of course Dancing Queen  

Sadly, we had to call it a night since Pinky still had to prepare the food that she will bring tomorrow for our Thanksgiving Lunch (not dinner as previously mentioned in my earlier blog). We hope to be able to attend similar parties in the future. But we better make sure we bring out our dancing shoes so we are prepared next time.

That\’s all for now.  I have to take a shower to wash all those dried sweat.

Good night.





  1. Rumors and Faces? Equinox and Euphoria ako eh. Haha. Funny how our gimmick alternatives in the 80s look so tamed than the ones that came up in recent years: bubble parties, tequila what-have-yous, etc. Haay, ang kabataan nga naman ngayon! 🙂

  2. Naku! We have to make sure our children don’t get involved in all these parties… bubble parties? You are so in!

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