Posted by: Leap of Faith | November 22, 2006

Answered Prayer

Yesterday was an emotional roller coaster for me.  Aside from having tons of pending item in my in-box (grrrr! I hate how the locals just give everything to you all in one go), I received two consecutive calls in the morning which affected me.

The first call was from our dear friend, Leweiss.  If you have been following my updates, you will know who she is by now.  Obviously, you haven’t been reading (another grrrr!). I have not been involved in any hank panky people! Leweiss (and Noriel), collectively known as the Baets (their surname), have been one of our support groups here in KSA.  I met them through another good family friend, Tita Telay, in Aramco last April and have since then been hanging out. They have been working for Aramco as consultants but recently their contract ended. A job was offered to them to work in Bahrain but unfortunately this did not materialize. Temporarily they will be moving back to Manila until their other job offers are completed and they can come back to the Kingdom. It was a very sad moment for me and my family.

Still bothered by Leweiss’ sad news, I then received a text message from my bro-cousin, Rinel, who said he had urgent news.  What now?!  Can I handle more distressing news?  I told myself… compose yourself… you can not have an emotional breakdown in the office… diyahe naman di ba? Anyway, I scrambled immediately to call Rinel who told me that he will be assigned here in Dammam instead of the original Jeddah.  Yipeee! I almost did a dance of joy. But I immediately composed myself knowing that that would be another diyahe moment.  This new development is truly an answered prayer. 

We have been praying that the Lord allow Rinel, Ge (my cousin) and Ira (my cute and macho nephew) to be assigned here in Dammam – for obvious reasons. We look forward to their arrival soon and hopefully they also look forward to seeing us… hehehe.

Truly when God closes a door, He always opens a window.  His ways are amazing.



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