Posted by: Leap of Faith | November 19, 2006


We have been invited to attend a Thanksgiving Dinner this Friday in ARAMCO. To tell you honestly, I have no idea what this event is all about. I know this is a big deal to our friends (and family) in the US of A and Canada. But to me, its just all about the turkey.

I guess it would be crazy to attend it without really having something to be thankful about. So I have been thinking of ten things I thank God for.  Here goes… 

I thank God for…

10. healing Marga of her fever and nappy rash;

9. giving me the grace (and physical strength) to be able to do some of the house chores – cleaning the floors and scrubbing the bathroom and toilet…eeew!

8. giving us internet access at home… although, I hope He can do something about the steep monthly internet charges that we have to pay.

7.  allowing us to meet other Filipino couples and families here in Dammam… di ko type maki-mingle sa Arabo! 

6. allowing us to send the boys to a good school, which they enjoy a lot;

5. helping us all get settled easily in KSA;

4. providing us with all our needs… a decent house to live in, clothes to keep us warm (especially now that it is winter here), food on the table… and lots of dessert!

3. giving us family, friends and a community to support us in whatever we do;

2. giving us good health;

1. having a loving (and lovely) wife and three very adorable children – who can ask for anything more?!

I’m sure there are so many other things to be thankful for.  Maybe I can do a Top 100 next time… yikes!

To all you people out there in North America, Happy Thanksgiving! I have a short clip that I found in the net, which I hope will warn you of what turkeys are capable of doing.  Whatever you do, be careful of the turkey… you don’t want to end up like Bob.




  1. I think we should start observing Thanksgiving in the Philippines as well. God is sooo good! And it’s good practice to always count our blessings. Makes you feel special and warm and tingly all over. 🙂 This year’s Thanksgiving falls on the 23rd of November, Dondi’s birthday. How ironic. He should give thanks that he has me. Haha! Joke! 😉

  2. I so agree. Happy Birthday Dondi!

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