Posted by: Leap of Faith | November 13, 2006

Been there. Done that.

Something I saw while browsing through the web.  Poor acting, cheezy dialogue but definitely so real.  A typical OFW story in Saudi (and the rest of the world) – slaving away in a foreign land just to make the life of his family better.  Baliw o Bayani?  You decide. 




  1. Where the @#%&! did you get this??? Don’t even get the drift… maybe dense but please explain! Why the baliw part? Duh! Again, a sad reflection of a country with a lot of talent yet who seems content to let other countries benefit from what is intrinsically its own. Translation: BRAIN DRAIN

  2. Hehehe. I actually just wanted to test out how I can post videos in 360. Hopefully next time it will be a more interesting video of our family.

  3. Hey, I used to look as bored as that man in the video… until you guys came.

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