Posted by: Leap of Faith | November 12, 2006

Victim No 3: Mwah Ha Ha!

Last night, my dear cousin-in-law, Rinel, whom I fondly call brother-cousin, landed safely in Riyadh.  He has been offered to work as a Senior Credit Officer (or something like that) for the Arab National Bank, another prestigious local bank. 

It is so funny to think that Rinel and I could easily be considered twins, at least in terms of our individual careers.  Hmmm, actually I think in terms of looks too… chinito-guwaping ang dating! Anyway, we both practically started building our career in HSBC, initially working with the Securities Department in the 90’s then later getting promoted (at the same time) to a position in Corporate Banking.  I will refrain from going into more boring details given that this is really not our Curriculum Vitae. But I hope you get my drift.

Our wives also share so much in common.  Aside from being va-va-voomish, they both are career driven women who have decided to take the back seat in order to live a (hopefully) more fulfilling life as fulltime mothers and Domestic Divas. Truly admirable, I must say.

So why the victim?  Nothing really.  I just couldn’t think of another good and catchy title for this blog entry (Uuuuy! trying to be careful in case this gets intercepted). 

Anyway, brother-cousin, may God bless you with tons and tons of patience especially as you start your own desert adventure. Hope to see you soon.



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