Posted by: Leap of Faith | November 12, 2006

Pretty in Pink

Just wanted to share Marga’s latest pre-winter wear.  It reminds me of my dear sis-in-law, Ayn, who just loves to wear anything and everything in Pink.

Ayn, hope you like this.



  1. Mara is such a cutie! At around this time last year, we were shopping for winter clothes for Abby for a trip to Europe. And when she finally got to wear them, I took pictures of her in every piece of winter clothing she had. She had more winter clothes (not to mention, more fashionable) than I ever had. We spent so much on Abby’s winter clothes but we couldn’t help it. She looked so adorable in them and all the gastos was sulit. Haha. Binabayaran ko pa rin sa credit card until now! Haha.

  2. Weng, you are right. The winter clothes sure do look so cute but are so expensive! We bought a nice thick jacket and pants for Marga that will definitely make her look like a snowman (or snowgirl) when she wears it. I will post the pictures when she does get to wear it (hopefully soon).

  3. Keith, I just realized I misspelled Marga’s name! Sorry! Sometimes I think faster than I type. 🙂

  4. Wow! Marga is a darling! hehehe. I think she looks more of Rafa in the picture…Sorry keith, hindi nagmana sayo. hehehe. But still, she’s so cute!!!

  5. Carrie, hmp!

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