Posted by: Leap of Faith | November 11, 2006

Zee Pee Dee Doo Da!

Yup, I’m kinda in a jolly mood.  I think that goes the same for Pinky and the boys.  Our reason is quite shallow, actually, if you live in Manila.  However, here in KSA things are a little bit different.

Finally after several agonizing months of waiting (almost three months to be in fact), we will soon be seen online.  Yes, I was able to arrange for Orbit to install their Satellite Internet in our flat last night.  This is a different from the dial-up internet I previously used with Saudi Telecom (local equivalent of PLDT), which up to now has not yet been transferred to my new flat. 

Saudi Telecom told me that they will not be able to transfer my landline soon as there is a congestion problem in the area where we are now living.  They could not commit anything to me – how typical!  After following up  a million times and hearing the word Ishallah so often, Pinky and I realized that we had to make a serious decision of either paying a lot more for the Orbit connection (as in $$$$$$ more) or waiting for something that may never come. Obviously, we ended up choosing the former.

So there, in case you guys see that happy yellow face ( Image ) light up in your YM screen, it means that we are really online and ready to chat all night long.

See you all soon.




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