Posted by: Leap of Faith | November 10, 2006

Allow Me to Brag

The weather here has suddenly turned cold.  We were warned by our officemates that the winter season normally just creeps in without you knowing it.  One day you are having temperatures in the mid to high 30s and the next day it is down to the 20s. What an exaggeration, I thought.  Until last Thursday, while we were having  our birthday and despedida party for one of our friends, we had a first hand experience of the very nippy Saudi weather.

I know the weather back home starts to get cold this time of year. However, allow me to share to all of you the cool weather here through the succeeding paragraphs of my blog.  I suggest you close all A/Cs and blowers, if you are using one right now, as you will definitely not be able to stand the cold wind the will soon gush out from your monitors particularly as I brag about my children.  Puro yabang na ang mababasa niyo!

We already got the first quarter grades of Luigi and Rafael last Thursday and boy were they great!  Both of them are straight A students and their teachers just had all praises for them.  Pinky actually told me this morning that she already did her own blog about the boys. But I just couldn’t help make my own version even though I really have no solid right to claim on my children’s laurels since it was Pinky who really focused on teaching the two boys… I think I contributed to some good genes there too, you know… they both got A in Music!

Anyway, we first dropped by the classroom of Luigi where Ms Suhail met us.  She took Luigi’s Report Card and immediately blurted out how a great student Luigi is.  He is so responsible and reliable and very much well liked by his peers (wow, PAL material talaga!). Everything after that started to blur… thoughts of seeing my first born grow up so quickly suddenly flashed in my mind… my hearing suddenly became selective.  I only remember Ms Suhail saying that she could definitely say that my son was the best in his class… every teacher’s dream student.  He got a 100 in Science, something they normally don’t give out unless the student is very much deserving. Hay, sarap. So nice to hear.

Still ecstatic, we then went to visit Ms Murali, Rafael’s teacher.  I knew Rafael would also do well in his class (he has been aceing most of his exams).  However, I was quite worried that he might feel insecure by the achievements of hsi brother… you know, the classic sibbling rivalry thingie. Rafael warned us that he’s grades were not as good… what an pessimist (so like me). We reached the classroom and sat down with Ms Murali, who was less charismatic as compared to Ms Suhail.  She pulled out the Report Card and started to say how Rafael has improved so significantly.  He used to be very shy (and anxious, I thought, as mentioned in my previous blogs) but is now very attentive in class. He has started to come out of his shell and has started to show his stuff.  In fact, he ended up getting two 100s in Math and Social Studies due to his excellent test scores. Wow! I then remembered what Ms Suhail said about really not giving out 100s to students… and Rafael got two!!! I was floating in cloud nine.

After the meeting, the boys could have been chosen as commercial models for Close-up – their smiles were beaming from ear to ear.  Pinky and I, of course, had a wider smile… didn’t you see our pearly white teeth back home?!

We are praying that this experience does not get into the children’s heads.  There are three more quarters and we are hoping that they sustain the exemplary work that they have started.

Congratulations to my wife for doing an excellent job (but the A in Music is still because of my genes!).  Remember… after the hard work comes your reward.

Okay, now I am finished and you can turn on your A/Cs and blowers again, if you are not yet frozen by now.  Until the next report card.





  1. Like I told Pinky, you have every right to brag. 🙂 Congratulations! More than putting our kids in good schools, it’s important that we parents shower them with all the attention and loving care that they need to thrive in this world. You and Pinky are doing great as parents! God bless you all! 🙂

  2. Thanks Weng. It is so difficult to be good parents but we just try to manage. Abby is growing up to be a fine little lady too – thanks to you and Dondie (is this a mutual admiration club?)

  3. Keith and Pinky, Congratulations! Your boys really showed that the Filipinos can excel wherever they are. 100 in science or math? Only if the subject was really easy or the boys were really that good. I’m definitely sure it was the latter. You should give each other a pat on the back for a job well done (massage-vey much welcome 🙂 )

  4. Thanks Allan. Thanks for suggesting the massage. I think I prefer that than a pat on the back.

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