Posted by: Leap of Faith | November 7, 2006

Fall Festival

After a major disappointment last week for not being able to celebrate Halloween, the boys were finally able to wear their costumes through the annual Fall Festival of the school.  The school definitely gave it a very catchy name… it sounds so \”cono\” as far as I am concerned.  The funny thing is, while we have winter here in KSA, there is really no autumn season.  Feeling talaga yung school na yon! My officemates said that the weather normally just suddenly drops from a high 40+ degrees to around 15nish during winter. Anyway, I think that the more appropriate name for the event is \”Fair-ya!\” (not \”perya\”), as my friend Allan used in one of his blogs (check out \”Famous Potatoes\” in my blogroll).

The fair was nothing fancy.  It was not even close to the school fairs we have back home, which would have some rides, food stalls and crazy booths (i.e. the marriage booth and jail booth).  By the way, do they still do that in schools today? That definitely sounds like something from the 80\’s. Oh, don\’t you just miss the good ol\’ days?

Going back, all the kids had were a few game booths, which featured activities like ring-toss, hit the milk can bottles, shoot the ball in the cubby hole, etc.  They brought home a few candies, which were given out by the teachers, and had their face painted with a skull and cross bone and a starbust. The highlight of the day was the costume parade where the judges chose Rafael (\”the Sultan\” – not Maja Rajah, as previously mentioned in my blog Trick or Treat!) as one of the two best costumes in his class. Luigi was quite disappointed that his \”Aladdin\” wear did not catch the judges fancy. Hmmm, you can try again next year.

Tomorrow, we will be getting the first quarter report card of the children.  We are hoping that they both get good grades. Pinky has worked so hard in monitoring that the boys do well in class, and finally, this will be her reward.

I will update you guys next week on how everything goes. Until then.





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