Posted by: Leap of Faith | November 5, 2006


One thing we miss here in KSA is watching movies as a family.  Fortunately for us (i.e. meaning those living in the Eastern Province) we have Bahrain as an outlet when everything here in KSA starts getting into our nerves.  The only catch is that everything in Bahrain is expensive, movies included!  The cost of watching a movie in Bahrain is SR25 (PHP350) per head, which is more than double the cost in Manila.  

As an alternative, Pinoys here in KSA just settle for pirated DVDs, which I heard also cost SR25 per disc. I haven\’t bought any pirated DVDs yet but was fortunately able to borrow a few from our friend, Tito Froi, who has a mega-collection of shows.

We had our first family movie night last night – complete with dimmed lights and sounds from our television to give a full THX experience (hmmmm… sige na nga, it was not even close to THX but I had to use that as my subject to make it really catchy). The show was Elektra (starring Jennifer Garner), who by the way, is a Marvel Comic Superhero with ninja/assassin skills. The boys loved it, although Rafael slept half-way through the show because of exhaustion from a very long day at school. Two big packs of Doritos Ranch and Barbecue flavors were served as snacks. But we almost finished these even before the movie started! Yup, Pugad Baboy na talaga kami!

Next on our show list is Mr and Mrs Smith.  I will be dropping by the grocery tonight to buy popcorn… tons and tons of it… hirap na baka mag patayan kami if I just get one bag.  You guys are more than welcome to join us.

See you at the movies!





  1. Daddy Keith, can you bring home Cheezels for me? hehehe. Thats my favorite snack at the movies (aka-home theatre) One of the downfalls of having a baby outside the Philippines with no yaya or any close by relative to look after the little one, is not being able to go out late at night. Gone were the days when friday night is movie night and dine-out night. Now we are always stuck at home too! Good thing, borrowing at our neighborhood DVD rental store has always been handy and cheap too than going to the movies. Try borrowing MI3! That is if you guys haven’t watched it! ITS AWSOME!!!! =)

  2. Keith, if it makes you feel better, I haven’t stepped inside a movie house since Abby was born. She’s now 2 years and 2 months old. We did try to watch a movie with Abby one time along with my brother and his family but Abby and I ended up leaving the theater after 15 minutes. I believe it was Ice Age 2. At least I’ve proven that I won’t die if I don’t go to the movies. Haha! It’s always been a family date since Abby came into our lives. Not that I’m complaining. Hey, Edu Manzano might come knocking at your door one of these days! Isn’t he the head of the video regulatory board thing? Haha!

  3. Carrie we are so the same. I think we should do like a “samahan ng mga magulang na walang yaya” or something like that. Pinky and you can be the President and Vice-President (or vice-versa). We could look for members through our blogs. Dates are definitely out of the question now that we have little Marga to take care of. Anyway, I’m glad we have other alternatives… like the DVD. I’ve seen MI:3 and it was great.

  4. Weng, I don’t believe it. You are so hands on. If I were back in Manila, I would have left Marga with our trusted househelps, Yaya Rose and Leilah, and gone out for a quick date with Pinky. Anyway, I’m sure Abby will remember how much you took care of her… sow the seeds now and reep the fruits later. Edu… yikes, oo nga no… baka I’ll get into trouble!

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