Posted by: Leap of Faith | November 3, 2006

Gone are the days…

Gone are the days when little Marga just used to wake up in the morning, twinkle her pretty little eyes at us and whimper a little bit to ask for milk.  Everytime I come home from work, I would normally hear thousand of praises from Pinky on how behave our baby has been.  She would be able to do the cooking and house chores while leaving Marga playing or sleeping in the bed.  Gone are the days! Gone are the days!

Marga just turned five months yesterday and, as a gift to us,  she has now turned into one hell of an active baby… Carrie, group hug! She has finally mastered her roll-over and  turns and can now lay flat on her belly by herself.  It is really cute… until she lets out a loud  scream of frustration for not being able to go back to her original position. 

Pinky is now unable to do her usual routine.  Her breastfeeding strategy to pacify Marga on the more difficult days no longer work.  Marga is a very light sleeper… unlike her whole family! During the day, Pinky would breastfeed her or give her milk from the bottle but this will only make her sleep for a few minutes… you are lucky if she takes a thirty minute nap.  It is such a taxing experience for Pinky, who would occassionally give a sigh of desperation at the end of the day.  I try to help out Pinky by carrying Marga and playing with her when I am at home.  But, to tell you honestly, I don’t know if I am doing more harm than good.  Our little girl seems to be looking for these playtime even when Pinky is alone. If only I could offer my nipples to help Pinky pacify Marga during the day.  But I’m sure you know that that would also not help at all – yuck!  poor baby! 

Anyway,  I must say that Marging, although starting to be difficult, has still maintained her charm.  We really can’t help but feel happy everytime we see her.  She has a way of manipulating the situation.  After her loud cries (with matching tears and “hikbi”) comes the pretty little smile that is just enough to make you forget her Regine Velasquez screaming experience.  She is such a joy.

We celebrated her 5th month birthday in Applebees in Al Khobar with my officemate, Ton Martin.  The food and place was great.  It was really a typical American resto with oversized servings that is enough to make you barf! I am attaching some pre-dinner family photos in our flat in Dammam and the celebration in Applebees.  Hope you enjoy them.

Showing off her stuff…

Trying to be behave in front of the camera.

Trying to be wacky… Marga, obviously, not impressed.

Great food, cool place.  We had our “mocktails” while Marga drank her milk.

Finally… the (slice of) cake.

Gas boys,  Saudi style. That black thingie in Luigi’s tooth is not left-over food but a gap caused by two loose teeth. 



  1. Keith! Marga is like Tasha..though Tasha was a light sleeper way back when she was born..As in 30 mins lang palagi ang nap.You know by now how tiring it is for Pinky..Good on you!(CAn you tell donnie the same thing? =)) It was only when I slept w/ Tasha during the day that her naps became longer.That was when she was around 5 mos. AT first,what I would do was pat her bum whenever I see she’s starting to wake already.Para kong gwardia sibil nagbabantay. hehehe. Until, she wanted my company while she naps. She would nap now 1 hr & 30 mins without me doing any help.As long as she knows I’m just near her or looks after her once in a while. Don’t worry..hahaba din naptime nya Marga in time. Don’t ask how our house looks like…I clean only when Donnie’s home.hehehe. Tasha also has loud voice. Its so natural to her. Tawag namin sa kanya…MEga “MEgaphone!” But know she seldom cries, she always whines na lang..Parang Cow. hehehe. Marga is sooo cute talaga! Donnie and I enjoyed viewing your pics. I hope theres more to come.Kisses and hugs to Marga and the two boys!

  2. Thanks Carrie. It is very encouraging to know that Marga is not the only one. I’ll print your comments so Pinky can draw inspiration from your experience. Marga has also a loud voice..especially when she cries. It looks our babies are becoming a handful. Kisses to Tasha.

  3. Hmmm, I guess the rather long gap between Marga’s kuyas and herself made you forget that once that little bundle of joy learns to turn and roll to either side it’s gonna be a whole different ball game. 🙂 Pinky will need to watch Marga like a hawk now. Heehee. The fun’s just starting! Babies differ in sleeping and napping patterns. When Abby was just a few months old, she would take a nap every two hours from as short as an hour to as long as two hours. Like Carrie, everytime Abby would stir on the bed, I’m off to her side (like a speeding bullet) to tapik her tushie or breastfeed and hope to God she’d nap some more (so I could get some semblance of work done or suffer being fired by my own mother! Kahiya naman yun!). Little girls are so adorable. And I know what you mean about those loud cries with matching hikbi…they really melt the heart. 🙂 If it’s any consolation, you’ll look back to this phase with a knowing smile when Marga starts to threaten climbing out of her crib or when she starts to walk. Your thought would most likely be that this phase is “peanuts” or “chicken”. 🙂 Good luck! 😉

  4. hmmm, lemme see if i have any mommy stories to share…um, no! unfortunately, you would have to blog a few more years before you get any outta of me in that department. haha! 😉

    is it just me, or is margarita starting to look a lil’ luisita? 🙂

  5. Weng, it must be the age gap between Rafael and Marga that makes it difficult to adjust to Marga’s new habits. We seem to have forgotten what to expect at this stage… yikes! I guess you are right in saying that this stage is just peanuts or chicken compared to waht lies ahead… Lord help us!

  6. Rindu, you better make sure you really don’t share any mommy stories or back to Manila you go! Marga does have some resemblance to Luigi (and sometimes Rafa) when they were babies… conclusion… they look like me! Mwah ha ha ha!

  7. OMG Keith!!! Marga is so pretty!!!! I wonder who she took after…. hahahaha! Of course, kay Pinky no! 😀 Hay, Keira herself is becoming really active herself considering she’s just a month old. Imagine 11 lbs na siya???? My poor breasts are sucked dry, and she still wants more! kaya nag mix feed na kami kasi no way i can satisfy her hunger pangs on my milk alone… Pero ha, si Marga, blondie ha! Kakatuwa! Parang gusto kong i-highlights si Keira! hahaha! Gusto blonde din siya! 😛 Anyway, i posted new pics of Keira who just celebrated her 1st month also… 🙂

  8. Peachy, didn’t you notice how she looks so much like me! I also have brown hair… oops! no hair pala. I’m sure Pinky would love to chat with you regarding “breast matters.” Marga has been sucking her dry too… If Marga and Keira could talk, I’m sure they would call you “moooo-mies” (as in Moo! – korny!).Wait, did you say Keira is 11 lbs already!!! Gosh, Marga was 15 lbs when we left several months ago and her weight seemed to have plateau. Mukhang big gal si Keira! Will drop by your site and see Keira’s pics.

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