Posted by: Leap of Faith | October 31, 2006

Pictures: SAAD Hospital and Compound

These are pictures with our Pinoy Doctors – Berly Balita (OB Gyne) and Paolo Villafane (Pediatrician) taken in the SAAD Hospital and SAAD Compound. Doc Berly and Paolo have been very nice in introducing us to the Pinoy Doctor community here in Al Khobar. This was one of our major concerns when we left for Saudi Arabia, especially since we brought Marga when she was just two months old. So far, medical check-ups in the SAAD Hospital, although very expensive (i.e. professional fee per visit is SR200 or PHP2800), has been a great experience. The SAAD Hospital, by the way, is the only hospital not covered by my medical insurance… grrrr!

Hope you enjoy these pictures.



  1. hey blog daddy-o, i love the pics!!! 🙂 marga looks like a “cochinilla” and i am loving pinky’s fashion sense. she looks hot (literally) in that abaya (however you call it)! haha, kidding! 🙂 but seriously, glad to finally see pics up here. been dying to see how everyone’s looking these days. how did you post several pics into your blog though? please enlighten me with your 360-wisdom. ’til next time! 🙂

  2. master blogger, looks like you’ve really mastered the art of blogging. wonder how you can post so many pictures at the same time. maybe you can share your secret..please? the pictures are really so nice. does this mean you now have that much awaited internet connection at home. just keep posting them.

  3. Rina /Allan, this is the product of a very laid back environment (you do your own interpretation of that comment). Posting several pictures in your 360 is easy. Just upload pictures in Flickr, create a blog in 360 and then just drag pictures from Flickr to 360 (make sure both screen/windows are open). I will wait for more pictures from you guys.

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