Posted by: Leap of Faith | October 31, 2006

Pictures: Half Moon Bay

Finally… Just wanted to share with you our photos from our recent trip to Mahar Beach in Half Moon Bay, Al Khobar.

We went there with our friends, Chris Tiglao (Jeddah), Raffy Clemente (Riyadh) and Ton Martin (Dammam).





  1. Hi Keith, Pinky and the kids,
    Your pictures are so nice!! GrabE! Ang ganda ganda ni Marga…sooooo cutieeee!!! Naku, pano na yan papa keith when she’s 18 na? pwede na ba mag bf? or protective daddy ka? hehehe. So nice to see you’re all complete, contented and happy. The boys are big na din! Tall but lean parin! hehehe.
    Tke care !

  2. Thanks Carrie! I was so excited to post the pictures. Finally found out how to do it. Marga is turning into a handful. Pinky has been sharing stories with me lately of how she is becoming so active and is starting to look for attention (translation… iyak ng iyak!)… I’m sure you know what I mean. No BF for this little girl… I’m sure Tito Dow will agree that that policy will apply even to Princess Tasha. I like how you describe the boys… lean pa rin… translation… lampa-yatot!

  3. Pictures finally! 🙂 It’s nice to see everyone so happy and having a good time! It would have been such a treat if Pinky were in a bikini. 😉 Hugs and kisses to all!

  4. Was wondering too why you are not on your swimming attire? hmm? Afraid girls would be looking at your big chest muscles and abs? hehehe. Naku I know what u mean.Ganyan na ganyan si Tasha.Papansin.At hilig pa magpakarga! Katabi mo na lang…papakarga pa! Para ngang kuto.hehhee.Pero as a parent, deep inside I like it too.At least I know she looks for me all the time =) And sarap mag cuddle noh! The boys are lean…mana cguro sa tatay. hehehe.

  5. Weng, Pinky was actually wearing her bikini under her Abayah! Hehehe. Did you notice the lady in the background wading in her Abayah? … pathetic!

  6. Carrie, thanks for noticing (or concluding) that the boys got their lean physique from me. So many people have mentioned that but were shy to actually post a comment… thanks for bringing it out in the open.

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