Posted by: Leap of Faith | October 30, 2006

Trick or Treat!

Happy halloween to all of you lucky people out there.  I can’t believe time flies so fast and it is now that we feel the loneliness of being away from Manila.  As all of you know, the last quarter in the Philippines is the most eventful… Halloween, All Saints/Souls Day, Christmas and all the get together you can possibly imagine.

I think Rafael has been quite affected the past few days especially since he misses the halloween activities. As you know, halloween has always been a major event back home.  Our children always look forward to buying and wearing their costumes, which have, over the years, included the classic pumpkin and pirates, a Matador, Ninja, M&M, Daffy Duck, etc. etc. etc. I think I should mention that none of my children used the same costume twice for halloween just to stress how big an event this is for them.

Unfortunately, the last day of October here in Saudi Arabia is just like any other ordinary day.  The closest thing I got to halloween was listening to Radio Bahrain play Thriller, Ghost Busters and Strangers in the Night… hmmm, I never knew that was a halloween favorite.

Rafael told me that his teacher said that they should wear costumes to school this morning.  He was excited about it.  I guess he was expecting us to look for a nice outfit in City Plaza (our counterpart of SM). But when I told him that he should just wear his Maja Rajah (did I spell that right?) costume, which we bought in Manila, he suddenly lost interest.  I think he is getting conscious since the upper portion of the outfit looks like a small “bolero,” which will expose most of his chest, arms and stomach.  I wanted to tell him “anak, this is what all the hot chicks look at” but just refrained from doing so to preserve that conservative outlook that my son already has.  To avoid any possible pressure from Pinky and myself to wear his costume, he just told us that his classmate said that the teacher decided to just cancel the whole activity and that they will just do it next year.  I’m actually not sure if that is true or not.

Anyway, to everyone back home, happy holloween to all of you.  We definitely miss trick or treating with you guys in Alabang Hills and Ayala Alabang.  Please do update us if there are any new and interesting characters lurking around the block.  Peachy, please send us some pictures of the famous Ayala Alabang house… I’m sure the decors are scarier now!

Boo!…….. Hoo hoo hoo!



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