Posted by: Leap of Faith | October 28, 2006


I guess you guys are wondering why the strange entry title… whaaataaa! I thought it would be the best way to describe how the past week was for us.

Whaaataaa day of preparation! As I mentioned in my previous blog, some of our friends came over to visit us over the holidays.  Siyempre, “diyahe” naman to let them sleep in an unclean house so Pinky and I had to do some major cleaning.  We had wash all the dirty linen and iron the mountain of clothes that have accumulated over the past few weeks (yup, that was my fault!) and make sure they were properly stacked inside our cabinets and not in the family/guest room! Pinky had to make sure we had enough food in our Fridge to fill our guests’ stomachs.  I had to wipe clean the floor while Pinky had to dust the furnitures. I had to scrub the toilet bowl and make sure the bathroom was not enough to make the toes of our guests curl… but of course, in the process, mine did! Whaaataaa talaga!

Whaaataaa great dinner with our friends, Philip and Maricar Luyun.  We ate at a good chinese resto in the Al Khobar Corniche called Chinese Tandoori. The food was excellent and I got two snaps from my very satisfied wife, who kept on saying that the shrimps were great.  The best part was finally meeting in person our friends from Jeddah.  We had so much in common… Pinky and Maricar especially, who kept on talking about Jewelry and all… my thought bubble…bad topic!!!!! Whaaataaa talaga!

Whaaataaa beach! We went to halfmoon bay with our friends Raffy, Chris and Ton. My boys (Luigi and Rafael) had a blast building sand castles in the grayish black sand and, afterwards, dipping in the stoney shoreline of the Mahar Beach (yes, it actually looked more “mura” than “mahar”).  There were no cottages so we just had to lay our small mat in the sand.  There was an Arab family who had such a big mat that they started encroaching in our area… haven’t they heard about respecting personal space! Grrr!  The place did not also have a bathroom where everyone could bathe afterwards so they ended up changing in the car… Whaaataaa talaga!

Whaaataaa cool museum!  The Heritage Village is such a great place.  Sitting down on the floor mat, sipping Arabian Coffee (which was not really that great), smelling Oud (also not that great), and taking tons of pictures with our friends the Rodrigos and Baets were definitely tops.  Too bad you guys won’t see what I mean since I can’t post those pictures! Please give me my internet at home!!!! Anyway, whaaataaa talaga!

Whaaataaa Bahrain!  150,000 Saudi Nationals (including us) flocked to that small island during the Eid. It was a nightmare.  Traffic was terrible, like Manila during Midnight Madness, and the Seef Mall was just something I can not describe.  The place was packed and everyone was getting rowdy.  I don’t know why I did not realize that the lack of parking space outside the mall was a clear sign from God that we shouldn’t have gone inside.  We were moving throughout the mall following the sea of people who kept on pushing us from all sides. Whaaataaa! Whaaataaa! Whaaataaa! It was good we decided to evacuate and just have dinner in Bennigans, where everything was peaceful and where we all enjoyed our “mocktails.” We watched a movie, Asterix and the Vikings, the following morning. Whaaataaa talaga!

Whaaataaa picnic! We had a small picnic in the Dammam Corniche with our friends the Baets, Rodrigos and NCB cool dudes, Ton and Chris (Raffy, by this time, had already taken the train back to Riyadh).  We were hoping that the weather would have improved but, unfortunately, it wasn’t that cool yet.  In short, our sweat was dripping while we competitively played Pictionary and ate homemade Macaroons.  Luigi, Rafael and Clark (son of the Baets) played soccer too.  We feasted on the great meal prepared by Pinky and JP and the refreshing beverages of Ton. Whaaataaa talaga!

Whaaataaa “Birit” family we are!  We ended the week hearing mass in ARAMCO, where we also had lunch.  We met our friends, Dr Berly Balita and the gang, and chilled in the house of Tita Sweet (her real name is Dulce Dulce) while we sang in the videoke, which by the way is the national past time of the Pinoys here in Saudi. Pinky and I tried to wiggle our way out of the situation and pushed our children to be our official representatives.  The boys were more than willing to show off their singing prowess and were belting to all the Disney tunes.  Of course we couldn’t get off the hook  so easily so Pinky and I ended “Birit-ing” ourselves, me to the tune of Fra Lippo Lippi’s Beauty and Madness while Pinky to Madonna’s Live to Tell.  Whaaataaa talaga!

Now don’t you agree that that was really a whaaataaa kind of week.  I don’t know if I will ever have the energy to repeat the same things again in the future… especially the “birit-an” part – unless of course, all of you decide to visit us! 









  1. Whaaataaa week talaga. It’s like a month of vacation packed in a week. hehe. Happy to hear that you and the family really enjoyed yourselves and had the chance to meet with a lot of friends (specially Philip and Kayie who are very close friends of us as well. Now, try to get some work done. hehe

  2. Bro, we really enjoyed meeting new friends, Philip and Kayie especially. Hope we get a chance to bump into them again in the future.

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