Posted by: Leap of Faith | October 28, 2006

And the list continues…

It’s the first day of work after the very long Eid holiday.  I am still exhausted from that very tiring holiday.  Pinky is down and tired and she has a mountain of clothes to wash!  Anyway, that will be for another blog entry.  As prmised, this blog is dedicated to my family’s top 10 list.  As before, I interviewed each one privately to avoid any copying.

The top 10 things Pinky loves about KSA…

10. Being immersed in Arabic culture… my wife tried to sound so nice by justifying that she wanted to “enjoy the ride” while here and try to experience everything that this place has to offer… my thought bubble… be ready for one hell of a ride… Mwah ha ha ha!

9. Getting first-hand experience of truly “OFW lifestyle” and in the process, having more empathy and respect for the Bagong Bayanis of the world… really touching hon… tears are running down my cheek while I am typing this entry… hope I get to star in the next OFW film flick… Dammam… Aga can also play my part… may resemblances naman di ba?!

8. More privacy… I second the motion… forgot to inlcude this in my list… walking around in the house in practically nothing except my old boxers and matching war-torn white under shirt is such a liberating experience… no more househelps who maliciously stare at you everytime you wear the same thing in Manila (hmmm…. feeling hunk!).  What does Pinky wear?  Too bad I can’t tell you… more privacy nga di ba?!

7. Lesiure to read as many books as I like.  Gosh, I think this should be number one in her list… “as many books” is an understatement! She reads like crazy, people…. Agatha Christie is her current favorite… to all you voracious readers out there… get a copy of “The Crooked House” a must read…

6. Opportunity to hone my “culinary talents”… how humble! what is there to hone when she always whips up some a great home cooked cuisine… Does anyone know how I can produce and syndicate a cooking show for my sweetie?

5. Learning to rely on people outside my immediate family for support.

4. Greater appreciation of my faith and the Christian community (hmmmm… getting serious)

3. Easier access to the rest of the world (more opportunities to travel)… yup,  you really do have more access to travel back and forth Dammam and Bahrain (another country, people) or Dammam and the Philippines… jet setters na kami!

2. More time for family – to be actively part of the kids’ growing up years… by the way, Pinky said that I also fall under this classification… she wasn’t specific though, I had to ask her where I come in the picture… boo hoo hoo… I think she was just embarrassed to tell me that I fell under entry No 9!

1. I don’t have to get a 9-5 job and that I can sleep until 10-11 am on weekdays… I really thought I was number one in her list… now we know her priorities!

The top 10 things Rafael loves about KSA…

10. Living in a flat with an elevator… there are more elevators in the mall… I wonder if he would be interestedto move there…

9. Papa bringing us and fetching us to and from school… is this really number 9!

8. Eating in new restaurants like Zaki (great pancakes and waffles) and the chinese fast food stall in the nearby Al Shatea Mall (yummy shrimp rolls and lumpiang shanghai)

7. Having aircondition in their room (and using it!)

6. Having winter and buying winter clothes… too bad no snow boys!

5. Chilling in Starbucks to use the internet… buti pa sila, they think this is cool… I think it is pathetic that up to now we still don’t have internet access at home!

4. Living in another country… how about Zimbabwe, Rafa?

3. Having a big TV at home… hmmm… since when did 21″ become big…. are your eyes getting smaller anak?

2. Doing all the projects in Science class… I must this is really great… Science is not all theories… their school uses various experiments to teach the children the concepts of motion, balance, etc.

1. Having classmates with different cultural backgrounds … hmmmm… I think you are just focusing on one culture anak… the Lebanese chick in your school gets a two thumbs up for me.

The top 10 things Luigi loves about KSA …

10. Papa bringing us and fetching us to and from school – Whaaaaat! I’m down to 10!

9. Getting good grades in school – just make sure you top your batch okay… is that child-stress or what?!

8. Mama’s great food… corned beef casserole, sinigang and chicken nuggets (Luigi, I think we just bought that from the grocery)

7. Playing “Kings” with classmates in school… I seriously don’t know what this is… the only thing I remember is that you have to step on the foot of your opponent… how barbaric!

6. Buying school supplies in Jarir Bookstore.

5. Playing board games with family (i.e. Pictionary and Lord of the Rings)… I think I should do a blog on this.

4. Chilling at Starbukcs to use the internet – pathetic squared!

3. Watching Martha Stewart with Mama Pinky… oh no! what happend to wrestling and all those macho stuff!

2. Learning to speak Arabic… thank God I will finally have a personal interpreter…. now I will know if someone is talking bad behind my back.

1. this is the best…. being a PAL in school… talaga naman… feeling to the max ‘tong si Luis… we finally found his PAL pin (please read my blog “You’re my PAL”) and he wears it even at home!!!  I seriously think this PAL thingie is getting into his head… kulang na lang pati ako i-report niya to his teacher for being noisy!

Okay, I think this blog entry is long enough. Now you can all take a break.




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