Posted by: Leap of Faith | October 18, 2006

Very Looooong Weekend

Today is the last day of work during the Ramadan.  We will be having a long vacation from 21-25Oct06 (5 days).  However, if you consider the weekends that sandwich that, our vacation technically is 9 days.  While this is definitely great news to us here in KSA,  I also feel quite bothered that I still don’t have my phone/internet access at home… translation, no blogging for the next nine days!

Anyway, I am listing down some of the things that we will be doing in the next few days so as to give you an idea of how we plan to spend our vacation.

To those who still do not know, the only thing that the Eastern Province can boast of is ARAMCO, which to my opinion is the only thing that is keeping this Kingdom alive, and our neighboring island-country, Bahrain.  During the Eid holiday, everyone flocks to this region to cross the King Fahd Causeway and get wasted in Bahrain… you guys must understand that all the locals here in KSA have been fasting for the last month so getting drunk and wild in Bahrain is pretty much what everyone is looking forward too at the end of Ramadan.  This includes some of our colleagues, Chris Tiglao and Raffy Clemente, who will be visiting us during the holidays.

In order to prepare for their arrival on the 22nd, the Sy household staff (meaning Pinky, Luigi, Rafael and myself) will, this weekend, be scrubbing the floors, cleaning the bathroom and throwing all the unwanted knick-knacks that we have accumulated over the last two months.  Major works are on the way to ensure that our guests have a relaxing and memorable time in this womderful place called Dammam.

Another colleague of mine, Philip Luyun, who by the way is a good friend of my bro in LNP, will also be dropping by with his family. We are hoping to be able to have dinner with them when they arrive on the 21st.

My friend, Ton Martin, and I have prepared a great itinerary for guests, which include a grand tour of the spectacular rotundas of Dammam (no side comments please), a day trip in the sprawling Malls of Al Khobar, a possible dip in the warm water of the Gulf Sea (through the renowned Half Moon Bay) and of course a night of boozing and boogieing in the hot spots of Bahrain (oops! Ton will take care of that part).

On the more subtle moments of their stay here, we will be having dinner (together with our other friends, the Baets and Rodrigos) in the Hertiage Village, which is a museum/restaurant replicating a “real life” Saudi Arabia setting ala sitting on the floor, eating with your hands and all. Aside from that, we are also arranging for a picnic in the breezy and scenic parks of the Dammam Conriche.

Now, doesn’t that sound like a great write-up for a travel magazine!  You obviously can see how desperate we are to have other  people (new friends) around… hehehe… As Bob Barker of the Price Is Right would say… people, “come on down.”  Don’t be shy na… we will make sure you are well taken care of when you drop by (or better still, live in) this place.  Sige, if we save enough, I will throw-in pati ticket (hehehe! Great deal right?!) Hope I sound genuine rather than desperate… whaaat! still no takers?!!!  Anyway, I’m sure the nine day vacation is enough to make all of you envy! Hmp!

Sige, I’m sure you guys will all change your mind once I give you a more detailed blow-by-blow narrative of how we spent our holiday.  Until next time.

PS: I already have the Top 10 list of Pinky and the boys but was unable to bring to the office this morning.  I promise to post it after our vacation… grabe talagang rubbing it in!







  1. QUOTE
    PS: I already have the… but was unable to bring to the office this morning.

    *ryan laughs at the above-captioned*

    Keith! How are you? (Absurd for me to ask the question as it seems you are having a lot of fun over there just by the way you write entries in your blog). I’m pretty sure that you guys are adjusting pretty well; time flies really fast and it seems that your one year mark is just around the corner!

    Anyway, do keep posting as we enjoy reading your adventures! If we can’t have our own, it’s nice to experience vicariously through friends.

    Anyway, do take care always and see you soon! Regards to Pinky, Luigi, Rafa, and Marga!

  2. Thanks Ryan. We try to make the best out of our situation here. Please keep in touch.

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