Posted by: Leap of Faith | October 14, 2006

10 things I love about this place

I know I promised before to write the top 10 things I like about KSA but always did not get any chance to do so.  For one, I have been writting about so many things that have happend to us since my family arrived almost two months ago.  Yes, time does really fly so fast when you are having fun… and when you’re not. 

I thought the timing of this blog is just perfect.  I have been here for almost eight months now while Pinky and the boys will be celebrating their second month anniversary (wow, do we really celebrate that?!) by 16Oct06.  As like our previous blog about the top 10 things we miss about Manila, I will need to write the list of Pinky and the boys in a separate blog entry.  This page is mine!!!!

Hmmmm… now the hard part.  I know a lot of you have pre-conceived ideas of this place (as do I) and that makes it difficult for everyone to look past the beautiful things this place has to offer.  I’ll do my best to highlight the nice things about this place.  Here goes…

The top 10 things I love about this place…

10. Better pay and no taxes! …. How can I not say that?  Isn’t that something we all dream about?!

9. cheap gas (around P8/liter), less traffic, great roads and free parking… Yup, we all dream of that too! 

8. Beautiful well-trimmed trees (in different shapes and patterns) perfectly lined along the roads… this is something that is very hard to notice especially since you are so blinded by the the dull-looking buildings and shops.  These trees lift up my spirits everytime I see them when I bring and fetch the children to and from school.

7. cleaner environment… no stinky trash on the street (okay, just a few) and lower levels of air pollution (don’t ask me if I have a scientific way of coming up with that that conclusion… it just smells better than the thick, dark, suffocating air in Makati)

6. this is a big irony… lots of water!  I never thought that we would have clear, scentless water (i.e. not like deepwell water) when we go to the desert… Mayor Jun B nasaan na po ang tubig sa Paranaque!

5. more relaxed pace in the office and leaving at the office at exactly 5pm (Hmmm…. isn’t it obvious with the number of blog entries I make?)

4. learning to enjoy the more simple things like walking in the Corniche (ala Luneta) with the whole brood and trying out a good meal in a small carinderia type resto (but mind you I still miss eating in the great restos in Greenbelt).

3. going to ARAMCO and listening to Apo Paul (coded message… in case it gets intercepted).  Back home, I always found services in Bene a great place to make my mind wander around… ooops! should I have said that?!  Anyway, honesty is the best policy, right?  Somehow, Apo gives a great and very interactive message everytime he speaks… even the most bored person will be guaranteed to listen.

2. having more study, play and work time with the children… despite all the chores that we have to do at home, we still end up having better conversations with the children… the boys are more enthusiastic in studying since they know we (Pinky especially) regularly checks their assignment and gives them exciting “game-show” like quizzes, and spoiling Marga is such a joy (although, I think Pinky will violently react to that comment).

1. having more intimate conversations with Pinky… wala na kasi kaming mga one-on-one dates so we just have to settle with late night (or before afternoon-siesta) conversations about anything and everything under the (desert) sun.

I’ll try to interview Pinky and the boys tonight maybe after we bring little Marga to the hospital for her fouth month vaccination.  Hope to get to update you guys soon.






  1. Hi Keith! Very true..I myself thought that KSA is all hot and desert…I Think I’m beginning to like KSA more that Oz..hehehe. Here gas is not cheap, better salary but better tax deductions din… Dito drought ngayon! water restriction pa nga eh… =) but not too bad..There are also good parks when you think about it..and the best thing come to think of it, is free medical treatment etc. O cge na nga..I still love Oz.. hehehe.
    How is pretty marga doing? wana see updated pics of marga..I’m sure she is soo pretty like her mom and auntie.

    Take care,

    Carrie,Donnie and Tasha

  2. Carrie, I’d move anytime to OZ! Petition us naman… : )

  3. That’s a great list Keith! Glad that you see the beauty in God’s chosen destination for you. You’ve painted a really lovely picture of KSA through your post. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Bro, Thanks for allowing us to see the beauty of KSA through your words and your experiences. Growing up, I used to have a negative impression about middle east countries. Of course that changed when I realized they are the more progressive countries. : )

  5. Peach/Allan…I assume that now I will not have a hard time convincing you guys to move here! Everyone… move here na! boo hoo hoo hoo!

  6. ano?!?…si keith nasa Saudi?…Gasoline Station manager?… ehehe atleast manager right…di taga sandok!

  7. Keith, would really love it if you can bring us liters and liters of gasoline as pasalubong 🙂 Haha!

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