Posted by: Leap of Faith | October 8, 2006

A Weekend in the Rehab

Last Thursday, after my tiring Iftar in Bahrain, our friends Levis and Noriel Baet invited us to celebrate the 4th birthday of their son, Clark.  They live in the Rehab … the Rehab Compound that is.

Expatriates here in KSA pay an arm and a leg to live in a compound. Life in this sheltered environment have many benefits like women don’t have to wear an Abayah, children can go out an play in a safer environment, women can swim and drive (especially in the bigger compounds like ARAMCO), etc.  Unfortunately for us, we can only enjoy these benefits when our friends invite us every now and then.

While unlike the big birthday bashes in Manila where eighty or more people celebrate, this was more simple.  The only people who attended were the Baets, the Sys, JP Rodrigo (brother of Levis) and our friend Ton Martin. Despite this we had so much fun. 

The kids and some of the adults dipped in the warm water of the swimming pool.  This is something my boys miss so much, especially after swimming almost every week in Camp Oz (my in-laws’ house in Campos Street) last summer.  They were shouting and splashing the water like crazy. I was quite surprised by their very excited behaviour especially since they swim in our bathtub at home almost everyday… hmmm, isn’t that the same? 

After a few hours, everyone got tired and had to go back to the flat of the Baets to enjoy the sumptous meal preapred by our own Iron Chef JP.  His culinary creations included his own version of Max’s Chicken (it really taste like it), yummy meat sauce spaghetti, which I thought tasted like the one they sell in McDonald’s back home, and Maja Blanca (yummm!).  We all filled our stomachs until it almost burst.

Following our lunch was the Fuz Ball World Cup and Table Tennis and Trampoline Tournaments in the compound’s activity center. All the calories we gained from lunch were burned instantly. We had a blast!

While there are a lot of Pinoys here in KSA, we have only met a handful whom we can really consider close friends.  It’s quite unfortunate though that the Baets will soon be moving to Bahrain for another work assignment.  Despite this, we (our family) still consider ourselves lucky for knowing you guys.  Next time, we will just cross the King Fahd Causeway to see you.

Let’s rock Bahrain!





  1. Why don’t you negotiate living in NCB Compound? We used to lived there while we’re still there in Eastern Province. It is really worth it.

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