Posted by: Leap of Faith | October 7, 2006

Twinky Toes

Marga celebrated her fourth month birthday last 03Oct06 (yes, you will be reading more of her in the coming months!).  As our new tradition (since we moved here to KSA) our celebration was a very modest one. 

We ordered an ice cream cake in Baskin Robbins and had grilled chicken from Coco’s.  I was excited to let everyone taste the grilled chicken (since this is one of the reason for my weight gain here in KSA) but was disappointed when everyone panned it!  The boys were literally forcing themselves to swallow it… I had to threaten them with words like “you don’t want me to shove that down your throat” or something like that.  Oops! now you know how I can get so upset when good food is put to waste. After that, the boys seemed to enjoy gobbling down that chicken! Evil laughter crossed my mind…Mwah ha ha! As if I would actually shove that chicken down their throats.

Marga has started to learn how to make her presence felt.  Her silent mumbles have now turned into loud screams.  I get so panicky everytime she cries so loudly… kulang na lang eh i-strap ko si Pinky on the bed so she can just breasftfeed the whole day.  Of course, Pinky would give me the occassional dagger looks as if saying… “OA ka ha! Ano akala mo sa akin, cow?!”  How can I not get rattled when my little princess calls?  She is such an Angel.  Really. 

Anyway, she now recognizes us.  Pinky and I are having a debate on who she named first.  We all heard her say “papa” last night, which Pinky said means “poopoo” – she actually had a major poop that time.  I told Pinky that she was just starting to be  jealous.  I quickly retaliated (in thought, that is) that the few times Marga said “mama” meant that she was hungry and that Pinky should bring out her milk-swollen “mamma”ry glands.

Anyway, whatever it is, all of us are just going crazy over Marga.  She is truly a bundle of joy and has made life here in KSA a lot easier to take.

Kisses to you twinky (stinky) toes.







  1. Happy 4th month birthday to Marga! Being a “milking cow” myself (2 years and couting!), I’m happy to know that Pinky is still nursing Marga. Hurrah for breastfeeding mommies! 🙂 Marga will definitely grow up healthy, smart and well-behaved…well, I don’t really know about the well-behaved part. Haha!

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