Posted by: Leap of Faith | October 1, 2006

The Spender, The Saver and The Police!

When Pinky and I decided to take this job offer here in KSA we thought that it would be a great opportunity for us to be able to teach the children how to be more responsible.  During our senti moments, Pinky and I talk about how lucky we are to have two well-behaved boys.  We never really had any major problems taking care of them since they were just (to put it simply) so easy to take care of… no “terrible two” tantrums (okay, just a few).  Okay, yes I am being a doting father again – so proud of his two boys.  But they are really very responsible, if I can just reiterate.

Going back, Pinky and I thought that it would be good to teach the boys the value of money especially since they are now 7 and 6 years old. The only way to do this is to give them a few Riyals (SR10 each) every other week as allowance.  The boys were excited! They kept on asking us what an allowance meant.  We explained by telling them that their allowance is just like my salary in the office… I work, get paid and then spend and/or save. They seemed to have grasped the concept quite easily but I think it wasn’t because of our explanation but more due to their gameboard Monopoly and Payday, which basically tells them the same concept.

It is almost two months and we wanted to know how the kids were doing in understanding the concept of money.  As usual, proud parents nanaman kami.  Galing ng mga anak namin… Luigi passed with flying colors and clearly understood the spending part while Rafael got an “A+” in the saving part. I thought, “Honor student material talaga!” with a beaming smile across my face.

During one of our trips to City Plaza (local equivalent of SM Department Store), they saw these cute “Nici” key chains that their Ninang Rina used to have. I really don’t know what these were but they looked like cute stuffed animals with adorable faces and very expensive price tags! It reminded me of the “Russ” toys back home.  They average cost of these key chains were around SR20 (PhP 600).  After seeing these key chains, the boys got excited.  They had a goal… to save enough of their allowance to buy one key chain. Days passed and Rafael, “The Saver,” accumulated enough money (SR20+) to indulge himself with any of the hundred or so key chains to choose from.  Luigi, “The Spender,” on the other hand, had to satisfy himself with a handful of sale items since he only had SR6.  We later found out that Luigi used most of his allowance buying candies … and a tuna sandwich for me and Pinky… Hmmm?! I did not know what to think… binola pa kami… Okay, Luigi, you get an “A+” too for your generosity and thoughtfulness.

Anyway, to make a long story short, the boys were able to find a good bargain… Luigi bought a cute little green dino that cost SR5  while Rafael ended up buying a nice white seal which was also on sale at around SR5 but had a further price reduction of SR3.. galing talaga mag save!

So who is the Police?! Pinky and I, “The Police,” have implemented a new rule in the house.  We seem to be having a difficult time reminding the boys to tidy up after they play.  So, in order to teach them the value of having order in their lives (wow serious stuff!), we have implemented a “fine” system where after they accumulate three consecutive warnings from us (for not cleaning their room) they get deducted SR1 each from their allowance.  Great right?  More penalties for the children equals more savings for me… Mwah ha ha ha!

That’s all for now… have to start issuing all those tickets!

PS: I wanted to get your opinion on our new policy.  Hope you feel it is not too biased against the children Image 




  1. Hi Keith! Wow, I super admire u and Pinky when it comes to disciplining your kids. =) I wonder if they were just born good or you guys do very well in taking care of them?? hahaha! Okay, both i think. I just casted my vote! yeah! they do need to be penalized.. It is a way of teaching children to become responsible children right?

    Good day!

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