Posted by: Leap of Faith | September 25, 2006

Romantic Moment…

I seem to be having a hard time thinking of a good entry title for this one. I am actually considering having an “MMK – Maalaala Mo Kaya” contest where you can all guess the entry title by texting me and the lucky one who gets the right title wins a prize.  However, I thought that you guys might be too cheap to send a text message to us so I decided to just scrap that whole idea.

Think of a catchy title… “Romantic Moment”… that should do it!  My blog hits are soaring!  

You guys might think this is just a ploy or something.  If that thought crossed your minds then you are wrong!  This is legit.  Even in Saudi Arabia, people too have some romantic moments.

Ours was last Thursday.  If you read my previous blogs, you would know that it was a very hectic weekend for us – pigging out and all.  Pinky and I decided to relax that night. We told the boys to sleep early. We commanded them to take a bath, brush their teeth and SHUT their eyes!  The boys out of fear forced themselves to drift off to Lala Land.  The little one goes next. We stuffed her with milk and like her borthers, she dozed off.  MWAH HA! HA! HA!  Evil thoughts crossed my mind. I had Pinky all to myself.

I dimmed the lights, lighted some scented oil… Roses and Champagne, if you may ask…and then proceeded to fill the basin with warm water. I then plugged the equipment and it vibrated uncontrollably.  Pinky and I both smiled devilishly at each other. 

I told my love to sit down comfortably and relax.  This is guaranteed to make your tired muscles ease up.  Pinky was so excited.  I was getting ready.  What a night!

After positioning herself, she raised her legs and slowly dipped her feet on the basin of warm water.  I thought… this should do it!  Sitting on the floor, I got my paraphernalia and started to passionately scrub Pinky’s foot… this should remove all the dry skin!  

It was our Spa Night.   We did not know where to get a good foot scrub so we decided to just do each other… ooops! I meant scrub each other’s feet.  Sweet no?!  Thank God my Mom gave us a Foot Spa gadget that vibrated and soothed your aching feet.  We bought some scented salt and foot lotion from The Body Shop and viola! instant “The Spa” na kami.  It was really grossly romantic.

I don’t want to go into details on how many callouses Pinky removed from my feet (for obvious reasons) but I must say that the whole thing was a success!  I suggest this activity to all you married couples out there.  If you really love each other… scrub each other’s feet!

How did the night end? Well, I’ll let your dirty minds guess …




  1. Dondi giving me a foot massage and me returning the favor? It ain’t happening! Ha ha. One more blog like this and I’ll report you to yahoo already. 😉 Just kidding.

  2. my title for this entry would have been “callos”. mmk only uses one-word titles, remember? besides, at least that sounds kinda conyotic right, ‘pare’? 😉

  3. Ok, can i start popping these thought bubbles na??! Title for this post? Hmmm….. Rub Me Do? Rub-A-Dub-Dub? The paragraph where the “equipment vibrated uncontrollably” was a bit too much for me to read right now. hahaha! This should be banned from public viewing, and not my dinosaur pics! 😛

  4. Grabe! I knew I would get into hot water because of all your dirty minds. Had to do some revisions on my original write-up to explain the vibrating equipment… hew! don’t want to be reported for abuse!

    Thanks for the suggested titles… they were great…”callos” and “rub me do”… hmmm?!

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