Posted by: Leap of Faith | September 24, 2006

Pigging Out!

I know it’s Ramadan but we just had to have one last hurrah before we went on a major diet.  Actually, Pinky and I celebrated our 16 th year anniversary as boyfriend and girlfriend last 21 September.    To everyone in Manila, this is the time when Marcos declared Martial Law back in the early seventies.  To me, that was the time when I openly declared that only one person (Pinky) will rule over my heart … yihee! pa-sweet. 

Going back, we decided to celebrate on Wednesday instead of Thursday since we were not sure when Ramadan will officially start (it started last Friday).   We drove to Al Khobar, which is around thirty minutes from where we live, and decided to eat in Chili’s. 

It was such a pleasant change.  The ambience and all reminded us of the great restos we have back home. Even Luigi and Rafa were reminded of the utterly delicious meals (Martha Stewart said that you should describe good food as “utterly delicious”)  we use to eat in CPK (CPK rules!).  I never really liked Chili’s back home but this place just brought us back to familiar ground and that made everything worth it!  Oh, by the way, most of the waiters there were Pinoys so that added to the “I’m back in Manila” feeling.

I scored major by bringing Pinky and the boys to that place.  They all enjoyed the salad, seafood, pasta and yummy dessert! Burp!

The next day was still not Ramadan so we decided to celebrate again.  We went to the ever famous Al Ramaniah Mall in Al Khobar, where all the Pinoys chill-out on weekends.  This place is enough to convince you that you are actually back home since 99% of the people there either speak in Tagalog or some local dialect.  That place gives you some sort of a security especially since you know that you are part of the “majority” there (OFWs, let’s volt in!).  

We ate in Cabalen. I’m not sure if this is a real franchise of the resto back home but the food was definitely great (Thanks Ajino Motto!).  The boys enjoyed the lumpiang shanghai, camaron and fried rice while Pinky and I enjoyed the Tom Yung Gun (shocks, was Tom Cruise in Young Guns?!).  The halo-halo was the best!  The boys said that they were too full but I couldn’t even get a sip of the left-over milk when they started to eat it – monsters!  Anyway, we were all happy with that meal.  Double burp for Cabalen!

Pigging out is our motto here so I am warning all of you not to make any rude comments (in our next vacation) on how much weight we gained here in Saudi.  You must all understand, we are lonely… :  (



  1. Hmmm..excuses. As I remember, that was your motto even when you guys were still in the Philippines. hehehe.

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