Posted by: Leap of Faith | September 24, 2006

Half Moon Bay

Last Friday, we decided to drive to Half-Moon Bay in Al Khobar.  This place is around an hour and thirty minutes (driving at an average speed of 120 kmh) from where we live.  The Eastern and Western Provinces of Saudi Arabia are known (locally) for its beaches.  I wanted to see how nice their beaches are here.

Everyone said that Half Moon is just near.  Hmp!  Near?! It seemed like I was driving in a never-ending highway.  Where the hell is this place?!  One by one, all my passengers started to doze off.  Marga, Luigi and then Pinky.  It was good that my co-pilot, Rafael, was wide awake.  I’m sure he was just trying to stay awake for me.

I must say that it was a good drive, though.  Driving at that speed with near perfect road conditions is such a nice experience.  Zoom! zoom! zoom!

I started to wake everyone when I saw a few public beaches along the highway.  It reminded me of Batangas.  Nothing fancy but the people seemed to be having fun.  The boys wanted to ride the horses and camels – something I told them we will do during our next Half Moon Bay visit.  I wanted to ride the the four-wheel motor buggy by the seashore (I’m actually not sure if that is what they call it).

We all got excited when we saw the sand dunes!  There were so many 4×4 SUVs and motor buggies riding down those sand mountains.  It actually looked scary and unsafe but obviously, this was not enough to keep all those thrill seekers away.  The place reminded me of the Piolo-Claudine movie, Dubai (Pinky forced me to watch it!). Although, the movie version of the sand dunes looked much, much better than the real one… movie magic talaga!

Anyway, we arrived at our destination – the Holiday Inn.  It was small and crowded.  Nothing like the leisurely resorts we have back home.  The swimming pool was cute and the best place to literally bump into an Arab, if you are into that.  I suggest you mark your face with a return address just in case it gets mixed-up with someone else’s.  The beach was no Boracay and I think it is off limits to women. Hehehe! I made that up since I did not see a single lady near the shore – who would like to swim in their Abayah, please raise your hand!

I seem to have made a detailed description of the place – to think that our trip was just an occular inspection.  We will try to make a reservation in Holiday Inn for a few days of the long nine-day Ramadan vacation. Even if it pales in comparison to what we have back home, it is still our best option (so far) unless we want to have a vacation in our flat!

Hope everything pushes through. 



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