Posted by: Leap of Faith | September 17, 2006

After dinner conversations… the “OC”

Yesterday was quite a hectic day for both Pinky and myself.  I had to do some write-ups for the office while Pinky had a mountain of clothes to wash…

Dinner was great though.  Pinky whipped up a great pasta recipe – spiral noodles with chicken in white sauce… for those who are interested to know the recipe just send me a note… the main ingredient, I must say, is a bottle of “Ragu” which is a ready to serve pasta sauce we bought in the local Tamimi Market.  I guess what made it great was the effort Pinky put into making it such a sumptuous meal… really yummy!… two “snaps” for you Pinky!

I wash the dishes at night.  It is really not that difficult but it can get really boring doing it especially when you know everyone is having a great time watching Dr Phil and Oprah… Mama, you should be here.  Anyway, to avoid all that, I asked my sweetie to stay by my side so we can swap sweet nothings to each other… hmmm… di ba I know how to make something really boring into something really exciting?!

Anyway, I asked Pinky how her day went, expecting that she would say something like she missed me and all. But before she could respond, I did something that seemed to have unleash a hidden monster.  While I was washing one of the kitchen utensils, my dear observant wife saw that I left a little bit of food (as in itsy bitsy) in it.  It was like poking a sleeping bear.  I heard a  sigh … and then a deep breath… and then… “this is what I don’t like, when things don’t get done as they should be”…  or something that sounded like that… it was scary even if she said it with the cutest (pilit) smile.

I thought… how OC! I never knew Pinky’s maternal grandfather, Lolo Gang (God bless his soul), but I knew that he was OC in a lot of ways.  Obviously, this OC-ness rubbed off on Pinky. 

She then started to narrate how she gets sooo tired repeating the same instructions to the boys every now and then… fold your clothes… keep your toys… fix the bed!  Yes, I think I know what you mean, hon, the boys can really become a handful every now and then…

I guess I realized that it is really Pinky who brings the much needed order in our family.  If it were left to me, I would have ended up living in a pig sty… I’m such a procratinator, if you guys don’t know, and fixing and cleaning things is at the bottom of my “to do” list.

Thank you for keeping everything the way they should be.  I must say though that you can learn to be a little more patient especially since you are raising three little boys  Image

OC or no OC, we still love you!









  1. Ha ha! I guess Pinky and I share something in common, that of being “OC”, which is why I have a problem delegating because I want things done a certain way…and in a particular order…like washing the dishes! 😛 My Nanay (maternal lola) taught me the art of “dishwashing”: scrape off all the food first, rinse with water, start the soaping with the drinking glasses (that way the sponge is not yet too oily!), then the spoons and forks, then the plates, then rinse, rinse, rinse. 🙂 Did you get that, soldier? 🙂 But I hate cleaning up the table because I don’t like holding the “basahan”. Yuck! Hugs and kisses to all!

  2. guess what, pinky’s not the only one with OC-ness running thru her veins! i am a confessed OC as well…maybe not with dishwashing though. and i thought you should’ve known by now that we got the OC-ness from papa, not from lolo gang!?! 🙂 lumayo ka pa!

  3. Welcome to the Arab League! Hope you’ll enjoy your stay in KSA.

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