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Top 10 continued…

Whew! My last blog was really something.  If you haven’t read it, make sure you you do…

Anyway, last Wednesday Pinky and I attended the open house (Back to School Night) of ISG Dammam.  We were able to see what the progress of the children are in school. Ms Poppins (Ms Murali), Rafael’s teacher, had all praises for him.  “He is a smart boy!”  and he was the only one who was able to complete the science project that they did in class. “Of course,” I thought, “saan pa mag-mamana yan kungdi sa akin!”  Too bad Pinky, I suggest you start blogging so you can write your side of the story.  Ms Suhail, Luigi’s teacher, mentioned how responsible and reliable Luigi is.  In fact he was chosen to be a PAL (Peer and Leader) of the class even if he is a new student… something they don’t usually do.  Wow! he has a reason pala to be medyo mayabang about it to us. Incidentally, we never found the PAL pin he misplaced a few days back.

Pinky and I were proud parents.  Our smiles were beaming from one cheek to the other.  The other parents seemed to be bothered that their children were having a hard time at school. Hmmm?!  The only thing I thought was… “slow learner?”

Anyway, that was just an intro… despite my family obviously adjusting pretty well to this place (after a month) they still miss so many things from back home.  As my list, we avoided mentioning missing particular people but allowed mentioning things that they did which we miss.  It is interesting to note that despite our different personalities there were a lot of similarities in the things we miss. Enjoy reading…

Luigi’s top 10 things he misses

10. Playing with his classmates in La Salle – how can you not miss playing Marco Polo and Ice Water?

9. WANDA – our white Honda Civic – never expected that to be in the list… a car?!!!

8. Summer activities with FOJ friends – I think he realized that there will be no more opportunity for him to show-off his Gary V moves.

7. Bumming around in ATC with family – I think it is Timezone that he misses…

6. Playing computer in Grammy’s House with Ate Lady Lee and playing with Mattie’s Power Rangers

5. Swimming in Camp Oz (Pa, make sure that pool is ready when we come back) and Littlest Pet Shop (LPS) – we argued about this!

4. the beautiful Party Invitations that Ninag Rina make… sorry anak, no more parties for you!

3. eating at their favorite restos… Recipes (Genereral’s Chicken) and CPK (Mac and Cheese
) yum!

2. celebrating Christmas with family… drama, how can you miss this, it’s not even December!

1. Wiwa’s Lumpiang Shanghai and Loganiza (yup, miss that too) and Yaya Rose’s Sinigang na Baboy

Rafael’s top 10 things he misses

10. vacations with family… Davao Pearl Farm, Boracay -I think it is seeing hot chicks in bikini… dito women have to wear and Abayah if they want to swim in public?!

9. watching Nick Jr’s Sponge Bob and Disney Play House’s Out of the Box

8. watching movies – Xmen, Fantastic Four… basta super heroes!

7. playing XBox in Tito Monty’s house… I think this should be number 1 in Luigi’s list!

6. eating in their favorite restos… I’ll let you guess what they are… you’re right! CPK, Recipes and Terriyaki Boy

5. malling with family… ATC and SM Las Pinas (SM?… anak, the malls here look a lot better)

4. Wiwa’s lumpiang shanghai, pork adobo and sinigang na baboy (best sellers to Ma)

3. playing computer games in Grammy’s house with Ate Lady Lee

2. hearing Grammy say “Ako lang ang kaya mo ha!” – this must be said with complete facial expression.

1. buying Littlest Pet Shop (LPS) … what! not again…

Pinky’s top 10 things she misses

10. having fresh air in the house – okay, are you implying that I have been passing so much gas lately?  Hehehe.. puro aircondition kasi kami dito.

9. having phone and internet connection at home … didn’t I say that we already applied for this… patience, my dear, is a virute and a requirement in this place.

8. having easy access to different medical services… like the dentist and dermatologist… pang paganda yon ha?

7. having smooth feet… I so agree! This place can really make your heel dry and crack like crazy.

6. hearing mass at your convenience – gone are the days … but thank God for ARAMCO!

5. having houshelps… mayroon naman tayo ha… di ba si Luigi and Rafael?

4. solo dates with Keith – shouldn’t this be number one,  like my list? Now I know where I stand…

3. continued mall hours – no breaks for Salat!!!!

2. wearing other clothing aside from the Abayah! Hon,  I thought you love the Abayah Image

1. Pampering services… getting a massage at the Garden Spa (Lyn), having a haircut in South Salon (Melannie) and Manicure and Pedicure at David’s Salon…  what! this is top of your list… don’t I pamper you enough with love and tender touches… grrr!

Anyway, what a long blog… hope you enjoyed seeing how, in a lot of ways, we miss the same things.

Next top 10 will be about the things we love about KSA.




  1. I must say, you guys are actually fitting into this new place so well! It’s either that, or talagang very positive ang outlook mo, Keith! At magkakaroon ka pa ng Top 10 things you love about KSA! I’m impressed! Naks!!! Ok, all i can say about these lists, especially Pinky’s, is wala parin kaming MWG sa list ninyo!!!! Waaaaaaah!!!! And because of that, this is my last time to read your blog…..hahahaha, joke 😛
    Ingat all of you! Till next visit 🙂

  2. wow, inspiring! you just gave me a good idea. watch out for my own “10 things” list. will have to find time to blog though. this week is almost like hell week for me…have accounting midterms, and major papers due!!! yikes! i can’t wait for this week to be over. will blog soon. 😉

    ps: tell my “lover boy luisito” that ninang is touched ‘coz he misses my party invites! for that, i give him some PAL-props! *yeah! a la randy jackson* 🙂

  3. one of the longest blog ever. hehe. indeed, very impressive to see the top 10 list of the entire family. i’m still hoping you’ll take on the top 10 things challenge from the MWG. anyway, it’s good to hear that the kids are growing up just like you , smart,responsible, born leaders and of course with that handsome “tsinito” look you that made a lot of girls fell for you. ooops, does pinky read your blog too? hehe

  4. HMMM! Ako din top 10 things I miss in Philippines.

    10. Php 40 hair cut at my Favorite Eduardo’s Barbership with free 10 min hard massage. They actually know what hairstyle you want, with out you telling them… Here in Singapore it’s $30 minimum
    9. Hen Lin Siopao, SioMai
    8. Morning News by Mike Enriquez on the AM Radio “PASOOOK!”
    7. Sinangag Express…Yummy Tapsilog…
    6. BBQ, Isaw, Adidas at the BBQ stand at the BF Homes Market

    ….to be continued….

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