Posted by: Leap of Faith | September 15, 2006

“9/14″… when heroes are born

Weekends seem to be getting busier and busier as each week pass.  As most of you know, weekends here is from Thursday to Friday.  It took a while before I got used to this.  Although, as usual, Pinky and the boys seem to have gotten used to this sooner than I expected.

Today is the first month anniversary of my family here in KSA.  In view of this, I thought it would be great to already post the top 10 things Pinky and the boys miss from back home.  I personally interviewed each of them (in private) to know all the things they miss and their answers were very interesting.  But some other importatnt event happend over the weekend and I think their top 10 list should wait a while.

A few days back, Pinky was literally glued to the TV watching all the specials on 9/11.  I think most of the shows got her crying.  It was good that I was by her side giving her a shoulder to cry on… I wish… I was actually drooling and getting lost in lala land.  We all know how the 9/11 story end… thousands of heroes were born.  Little did we know that a few days after, in “9/14,” two more heroes will be added to the list.

It started like any ordinary Thursday morning.  Two people from the office arrived at around 9:00 am to help us install our mirror and some paintings.  They started drilling the walls and I got worried that our neighbors will start knocking on our door to compain because of the loud noise.  Marga who was sleeping peacefully got startled and started to cry.  Like any responsible parent, I immediately got her and gave her to her brothers to watch. Give me a break people, I tried to pacify her but she wouldn’t stop!  The only option I had was to make the boys think of a way to pacify her.  Okay, okay I take that back… don’t want to receive any nasty comments from all of you.  I was able to keep Marga in control (by threatening her) before I left her to play with her brothers.. better?  Pinky was busy telling the men where to put our stuff.

Now that everything was in order, I headed back to surpervise the workers.  A few minutes later,  Rafael started calling me… “Papa, Marga is crying” or something like that.  Again, the responsible parent in me did what I had to… ignore his call.  Hay, how do I divide my time?  I was hoping Rafael will eventually realize that I was busy.  Unfortunately, he just started to shout even louder.  Grrr!

When I went to their room, I was so shocked! 

I think I should end my story here and leave all you guys hanging… ala Deo Makalma… hmmm?!  Nope,  I’m too good to do that.

Going back, I was shocked!  I repeated that twice so you know the situation was really bad.  The room was full of smoke.  Something was wrong with the aircon.  I asked Rafael to go out immediately while I ran for the bed where Luigi and Marga was staying.  Luigi was covering Marga’s face to make sure she doesn’t inihale the fumes.  Good thinking my boy… what a PAL!  I immediately turned off the aircon, carried Marga and left the room… ooops! Luigi was still there… Get out!  I was in such a panick that I asked the two men to see what was going on.  I was sure that the aircon mulfunction was because of their drilling… it was soo loud, kasi eh!  Did that make sense?  Well, if you were in my place, I’m sure nothing would have made sense.  Anyway, to make a long story short, the compressor of the aircon had an oil leak, which caused it to generate smoke… Grabe, that was a brand new aircon!

When everything was already under control, we asked the boys to recount what happend.  They said that they heard a loud sound and then something exploded… of course it wasn’t a terrorist plot… the two boys immediately took action by calling me and ensuring the safety of their sister… di ba heroic?  Pinky and I was so relieved that even under stressfull conditions like this, the two boys acted so calmly and maturely (unlike someone I know… i.e. me). 

We also felt God’s presence.  Aside from the fact that no physical harm happend to our children, it was good that this incident happend while we were all awake (imagine if the boys were sleeping) and just when two other men (with techgnical knowledge) where there.

I got tired narrating that event.  I hope I don’t write these type of stories again! 












  1. Hi Keith! No wonder you’re conspicuously quiet on Thursdays and Fridays! I learned something new na naman. 🙂 Thank God you and Pinky have two quick-thinking boys! God is really good!

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