Posted by: Leap of Faith | September 12, 2006

You’re my PAL

Just came from a client call… see after yesterday’s post everything seem to suddenly change. Work! work! work!

Anyway, just wanted to share something that happend to Luigi.  He has been chosen to be a “Pal” at school.  He actually doesn’t know if this is an acronym for something geeky or not.  Anyway, he told me that a Pal is someone who is responsible for ensuring that the class is always in order when the teacher is not around.  As per Luigi, “This is like the President and Vice President, no!”  I think he was referring to the class President and Vice President back in his old school, DLSZ.  The first thing that came to my mind was “Super yabang na nitong anak ko! Potential power tripper!” 

Aside from keeping the class in order, he is also responsible for showing “guests” around the school campus – tour guide kung baga.  I remember early this year, a Pal from Grade Five took me around the school campus and I was really impressed at how he proudly showed me around. I wondered if this is what Luigi wanted… no I think its the prestige of being a class President!

Anyway, going back, Luigi has a special Pal pin and attends Pal meetings every now and then.  He told me yesterday he had to work.  Hmmm, I guess I can retire now.  I asked him what kind of work he did (I was hoping the school would give him some sort of tuition fee discount as compensation) and he said that he had to list down the names of his classmates who were noisy.  Ahhhhh! I was shocked.  I remember doing this when I was in grade school and believe me, people didn’t like it.  All the students complained!  Why is history repeating itself?!

I immeidately gave Luigi some tips on how to handle these situations (i.e. give the other students a break… let the other Pals in the class, I think there were two others, write down the noisy students while he can just make friends with the “cool” crowd… ).  Anak, I don’t think I want you guys to get into trouble especially since you are new in your school.  Of course, Luigi confidently said that he did not write down anyone who wasn’t deserving to be reported. When I asked him to enumerate all those who were noisy, he amost mentioned the whole class  (except of course for the cute girl, Julia, who he justified was talking with another but in moderation, hmmmm?).

I guess God wanted to shake Luigi up.  Two days ago he misplaced his Pal pin, which he apparently dropped in the car.  Last night, he lost it again.  I wanted to shout… “that’s a sign, anak.”  Siyempre, he asked us to pray to God so we can find the pin.  I almost felt embrassed.  He really likes being a Pal… what kind of father am I?  Anyway, we will be doing our Pal pin hunt tonight (ala egg hunt).  Luigi is still praying hard that we find his pin soon!

By the way,  Rafael eagerly wants to be a Pal too!  He is aiming for that position next school year.  He has actually started to bad mouth their class Pal saying that he is the one who is noisy and he doesn’t deserve to be in the elite Pal group. What kind of nerdy children do I have?!!!!

That’s all for now.







  1. Of course you have nerdy children! Mana sa tatay! hahahaha! Just like my nerdy son Nicky, who spends his hard-earned allowance just to buy college history books on the Philippine heroes and Philippine history! What grade 1 kid does that?? I mean really?? Of course, the grade 1 kid of a nerdy dad — aka. Allan! wahahaha! (If I don’t reply to any posts later on, you’ll know Allan read this post…). Grabe, yang “Pal” na yan is parang equivalent of our school “monitor” before… squealers, in short! hala! Power trip talaga! haha!

  2. I can’t help but laugh everytime i read your funny blogs. I probably had like 4-5 laughs reading “youre my pal”. Wow! at least now there’s someone in your family who is serious w/ work..hehehe. kidding aside..i really, really enjoy your stories.. Can’t wait til your next blog!

  3. You said it Peach… squealers is the most appropriate term for this position. What is happening to this generation… our children are turning into geeks… Thank God we don’t have those Philippine history books here kasi the only hero I know is Jose Rizal.

  4. Carrie, hindi ko alam if I should be happy or sad about your comment… I also work. Di ba first line ko nga sa blog entry ko today is … I just came from a client call!!!

    Thanks for keeping in touch. We should start putting up our own mutual admiration club : )

  5. WOW! group hug ang mga kids natin. For the longest time yan na ang Dream ni Bryan, ang maging in-charge of writing down the “noisy” classmates…hehehe

    Anyway, congrats kay Luigi and Rafa for adjusting very fast to the new environment. Galing galing naman! So, how’s the “pal pin hunting”? Any luck?

    Enjoyed reading the blog, bro. Finally was able to get in the loop. Nasa internet cafe me, waiting for Mon.

    Hope to see pictures of Pinky in her fashionista garb. Post ka naman.

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