Posted by: Leap of Faith | September 10, 2006

Daily Routine

Remember a few days back I wrote something saying that things have been quite slow in the office lately?  Well,  several days have passed and things are still the same.  I don’t think I should have mentioned that especially since I want all of you to have the impression that I am working like a horse (camel pala) here.  I assure you that this is just a phase and that my load will get heavier as the days pass…

Pinky has also started to get her routine in order.  She wakes up at around 6AM to fix our breakfast then sleeps again with Marga at around 7-1030AM.  After (really) waking up, she cooks our lunch and starts to put on make-up since I will be coming home soon with the boys at around 2PM.  Edit! Edit!  After cooking, Pinky does some cleaning at home especially since it can really get dusty because of the sand storms. 

After fetching the boys, I try to take a quick lunch at home and rush back to the office.  On an unsually light day, like the past few days, I get to check the email again… so please people write to me.  Otherwise, I am usually swamped with tons and tons of work. 

Afternoons at home are usually when the boys do their homework and Pinky does additional chores (i.e. laundry, more cleaning, etc).  Go Cinderella!  It is at around 5PM when everything start to change.  

I dump all the things that I have to do in my cabinet and rush home… which is five minutes away.  Pinky drops all chores and transforms into my Princess (di ba, Cinderella talaga?!).  The boys, on the other hand, still look dirty and smelly… just like the street children that were staring at Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage as it pass by… just made that up.

After 5PM is the best time for me here in KSA.  We all have dinner together.. the children swap stories.. Pinky and I start staring at each other and realize that not much has happend during the day..  Marga still looks prettier and prettier as each day pass. 

We try to play board (bored) games every now and then.  Last night was Lord of the Rings night (Thanks Tita Ivy for the great game) or TV night for the children … and for me and Pinky, if you know what I mean.

I guess that’s all for now… have to start working again… did that sound real?  Anyway, believe it!








  1. Hi Keith! Clueless talaga ko..Just learned about this “post comment thing” today..didn’t know you guys posted some in my two blogs. hehehe.
    Your’e so lucky your office is just 5 mins away from home lang. Wow!! You are now like Monty when he was in Citibank Alabang. hehehe. Nainspire ka ba ni Monts..hehehe.
    by the way, i like your top 10 lists you miss in the Philippines..never thought of doing that though. Kakatuwa! Please post Pinky’s & the two boys’ top 10 lists too..Can’t wait..
    Take care Camel. =)

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