Posted by: Leap of Faith | September 10, 2006

10 things I miss

It was nice talking to Rina last night.  Ever since we moved here to KSA, we have not yet been able to call her to check on how she has been doing.

I think we are 10 hours ahead of Cali so Malibu Babe just woke-up when we called … I guess that was around 11:30 am Cali time (whaaat! Rindu you must be kidding).   Anyway, it was nice to hear her voice again after a long while.  The boys were so excited to share their desert adventures.  I actually had to cut them short because we might fully consume our cell phone load… who was that people!!!… I heard someone shout “cheap!”

Anyway, we are glad to know you are enjoying your MBA (read: vacation) in Malibu. 

Pinky and I were talking last night and thought it may be good topic to talk about the top 10 things you miss about the Philippines.  I have decided to post my entries first but promise to also update you on the entries of Pinky and the boys.

It is so difficult to think of 10 things you miss especially since there are so many.   Anyway,  I’ll write down the ones that first come into my mind. 

10.  getting a decent and cheap haircut in the local barbershop – I go to a small barbershop here (with Pinoy barbers) but it is still not as good as the ones we have back home.

9. watching a movie in ATC – do I have to explain why?

8. eating in my favorite restos… Luk Yuen (great Dimsum at really affordable prices), Recipes (General Chicken, Gising-gising, Crispy Tilapia – yummm!), and CPK (the best!).

7.  watching the musicale plays of Repertory Philippines and Atlantis Productions.

6. overnight in Tagaytay and going to Tagaytay Highlands – the view is just so different from what we have here.

5. eating Mama’s lechon kawali – Mama just give me the recipe so I can apply it to myself. If I stand outside our flat for a few minutes I can turn into the lechon kawali!!!

4. Ice Monster!  Ironically, they don’t have that here… how smart is that?

3. bumming around with family and having MWG meetings – DP how are you na?

2. people who will help you carry the groceries – I never knew how difficult it is to carry all those stuff!   The 5 gallon water (2 containers) alone is enough to kill you.  

1. dates with Pinky – group date kami lagi… as in always with the three kids.

So many simple things I took for granted.  I’m sure the list could have gone on and on but I guess I will also have to leave some space for the entry of Pinky and the boys.

Until next time.






  1. Why are our names not on your Top 10 list??? Hehehe…. Yup, I don’t know how I can live without Ice Monster!!!! I need ice and coffee jelly every single day! haha! Oh, and Lechon Kawali…. goodness……:) I’m looking forward to Pinky’s list soon! Say hi to all!!!

  2. bro, i 2nd the motion (ooops, wala nga pala kami sa ‘pinas). ang next challenge ko sa yo eh yung 10 things you miss sa mwg natin. hala, tingnan natin kung papasa kay PL Derek. hehe.

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