Posted by: Leap of Faith | September 9, 2006


It was another tiring weeked.  As usual, we had to do our household chores.  Pinky took care of the laundry and I did the ironing.  No cooking for Pinky this weekend.  I told her that she can take the weekends of as long as our finances permit.  Gosh! I’m sure she will get mad with that post… it’s so “yayish.”   Joke lang hon.

Pinky and the children have been to the Mall of Dhaharan.  That place is very nice and posh.  Most of the British brands are there… M&S, Debenhams, etc.  Pinky was in tears when she saw it… reminded her of her UK training, which she really enjoyed.

Ever since they arrived here, almost three weeks ago, we had not bought any single clothing item.  The boys and Marga brought so many clothes from Manila that, I think, will be enough for the next two years! On the other hand, Pinky just brought a handful of her chic designer clothes from Manila.  Of course, she will not allow this to just pass by without making a comment.  So to make a long story short, I had to bring her shopping.

The Dhaharan Mall is always crowded on weekends so we ended going to the ever classy Dammam City Centre.  This place resembles our very own Binondo although much, much cleaner.  Luigi and Rafael had a unique experience but they had to grip Pinky’s hands every now and then especially when the crowd became thicker .  Marga, on the other hand, was securely strapped around my body using the pink baby carrier Lola Barty gave her.  

We were able to breeze through the crowd and easily reached the store where Pinky bought her first ever Saudi designer wear.  To the many ignorant people, like me, the Abaya is the only thing women can wear whenever they are in a public place.  This is made out of a thin black material with floor length and full sleeves.  It also comes with a veil that the local women use to fully cover their faces (for the more conservative women), expose only their eyes (for the less conservative women) or expose their face but cover their hair (for the free women).  Pinoys, here in the Eastern Province and Jeddah, don’t wear the veil unless a Muttawa (religious police) asks them.

I’m sure if you come from the Philippines and or other countries with a small popluation of Muslims, this new female wardrobe will come as a complete shock.  It was definitely something that I am still getting used too after staying here for more than six months. Surprisingly too some people, like Pinky, Luigi, Rafael and Marga, seeing women fully clothed in black was not such a scary experience.

Going back, Pinky finally got her first two Abayas.  Contrary to what a lot of people think, this dress usually comes in so many designs.  The more fashionable ones have intricate beadwork and nice colors while the others are more simple and can look really boring.  Pinky ended up getting the one with a simple, but nice, red beaded pattern on the sleeves and hemline and another one with little shiny thingies attached all through out the body.  Okay, okay… I know I am not doing justice in giving a good description of this Abaya.  Just wait for the pictures I will post soon, Inshallah!

Anyway, whatever clothes you wear – be it a trendy new line from Kamiseta (people, please put down those raised eyebrows!)  or the black Abaya, I’m sure my wife will be able to carry it with real class… Pinks, you are truly a Fashionista!








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