Posted by: Leap of Faith | September 6, 2006

Sloooow day

This is such a slooooow day…. zzzzzz!  snort!

Todays highlight is Pinky’s BRO chicken (original Petite Veguillas Recipe), seeing Rafael’s crush in school (cutie Lebanese chick – forgot the name), getting an email from our OZ friends Donnie and Carrie and baby Tasha, and reading hundreds of blogs!!!!

I decided to go to blogspot, where my friend Peachy blogs her thoughts, and found out that you can go read random blogs.  I’m not sure how to do this in Yahoo 360.  It is a great past time for those who are bored but don’t know which internet site to go to.

It is so entertaining to read the thoughts of bloggers, which can be anything from the really mundane to the really complicated things that are guaranteed to blow your mind off.  Aside from that, the blog designs are really awesome.  Of course there are some artistically challenged people (like me) who use the standard designs made by the service provider.  However, there are a lot who use the medium to create their own artistic expressions.  This is really something I suggest you do on a slow day like this.

I wonder which site I will visit tomorrow… ooops! Saturday I mean… last day of the week here in KSA!!! Yipee.





  1. Ya, sadly, you cant see any of the pictures!!! HUWAYYYYYYY???????? Hay, weird talaga dyan sa inyo, hehehehe. I posted new stuff pa naman…. Hope you find a way to get around the security thing. Baka sa settings ng computer mo??? Oh well…. Hugs to Pinky and the kids! I’m due in 2 weeks 🙂

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