Posted by: Leap of Faith | September 2, 2006

Missing our MWG

Yesterday I received an email from a sister back home.  She told me than one of the couples in our Mens and Womens Group (MWG) will be moving soon to Singapore.  I felt happy and sad at the same time.  Happy since I know this new development will open new opportunities for our dear brother and sister and their two wonderful boys.  But also sad since so many things have happend to our Group over the last year.

Our MWG has been a great support for Pinky and myself on our journey to have a better relationship with our Lord.  The first time we joined a Catholic Community in Manila was really difficult.  The totally different way of worshiping is something I personally found quite unusual.  Pinky and I immediately decided that this was not for us.

God really works in mysterious ways.  Our initial MWG was eventually dissolved since all the members (including the couple pastoring us) had migrated.  We had to be merged with another group of young couples whom we easily bonded with and eventually treated like family.  We shared the same experiences, concerns, happiness and joy.  Even our children treated each other more like brothers and sisters.  In short, we found God in each other and this made it easier for us to find God in the other people around us.

Over the past year, a couple relocated to Singapore, my family relocated to KSA, another couple moved to the US and then now, another will be moving soon to Singapore.  I believe these developments where unplanned – we all just wanted to be able to provide a better life for our families and God provided the opportunity.  

Despite the difficulty of having to temporarily go our separate ways, we know that in time all our paths will eventually cross again.  God has created a bond in us that, I know, even the oceans can’t keep apart.

Good luck bro and sis!  We look forward to seeing you soon.



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