Posted by: Leap of Faith | September 2, 2006

Assessing the first two weeks

Last Thursday morning (first day of weekend here in KSA),  I woke up at 3 am because I felt something nodging my foot. As usual, I woke up disorriented.  I thought it was Marga (who was sleeping in between Pinky and me) crying for milk.  But to my surprise it was Pinky… hmmm… my mind and whole body suddenly woke up and became alert… what could my wife have wanted at 3 am!

People, you have such dirty minds!  All my wife wanted was for us to have a decent chat about the last two weeks that they have been here in Saudi Arabia.

We both felt sad that we were so far away from our family and closest friends.  But more than the sadness, we were both happy that our family has been reunited again and  since we really feel how God is making His presence felt in our daily lives. 

Things have really been difficult the past two weeks. The household chores (and lack of people to help you) can really get to you most of the time.  Pinky and I have started to learn how to rely on each other and our two boys.  Cleaning the dishes, washing and ironing the clothes, fixing the bed, finishing the food on the plate are just some of the things that we have started doing and learned to appreciate.  I always took these things for granted when I was back home in Manila since someone else was doing them for me.

What we enjoy the most is the time we spend with the children.  Meal time conversations have become lengthier and more meaningful.  We are starting to know our children more.  Things like what makes them happy or anxious, who is the cute girl in school, what subject is fun and which is not are no longer trivial information but crucial pieces to really understanding who are children are. Even our little baby makes sure she is not left behind – she makes sure that she coos every now and then to let us know when she is hungry, sleepy or just ready to play.

We know its still to early in the game to see how things will turn out here in the land of camels and desert storms.  But we remain confident that things will turn out to be the best for our family especially since we know that God is leading us each step of the way. 








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