Posted by: Leap of Faith | August 28, 2006

Anxiety attacks!

The boys have officially been in school for a week.  So far, Luigi has been adjusting well to the new environment.  He is always eager to wake up in the morning and leave for school.  He is so excited that he is the one pressuring me to leave on time or they might be late! 

He had music class yesterday with Ms Tomas, a Filipina.  Take note that her surname is not pronounced ala Mang Tomas but like the US version – Thomas.  They were asked to sing a song using their own native language.  Luigi’s repertoire is “Ang mga Ibon,” which is a tribute to his Lola Barty who used to ask them to sing this with matching action!  For those who do not know this song, it is a charismatic song that goes… “ang mga ibon, na lumilipad ay mahala ng diyos di kumukupas…” The ending of the song goes… “Oh praise the Lord.”   Hope the people in his class didn’t think that Luigi is out on a mission to convert them to Christianity… Image 

Rafael, on the other hand, is sending mixed signals.  He seems to be very anxious going to school every morning.  He was bothered the other day because he misplaced one of his books and was concerned that his teacher might get mad at him.  Luckily, we found the book mixed up with Luigi’s things.  However, everytime I fetch them during my lunch break, he seems to have so many nice and exciting stories about his school.  I actually have to zip their mouths shut to have some peace in the car!  Hmmm.  Mixed signlas indeed. 

By the way, Rafael said he was chosen to be the group leader in Group 2 of his science class.  I think he was asked to lead his group in the completion of a small project which involved balancing a paper sword fish using some clothes pin.  I don’t know what they where actually trying to achieve with that project!  He also has a pet name for his teacher, Ms Murali, which he fondly calls Ms Murali Poppins because she is the only teacher using an umbrella to shade herself from the hot desert sun.

Pinky and I are praying that Rafael will eventually adjust well to the new environment.  He is usually the diesel engine between the two.

I will keep you posted on other developments in the next few weeks.








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