Posted by: Leap of Faith | August 23, 2006

French classes!

Its been a week since Pinky and the children arrived here in KSA.  So far, everything has been great.  Although there are a few occassional complaints from everyone every now and then, I think this is quite acceptable considering that this place isn’t really A1.

Our flat is still a mess with all the boxes of unpacked clothing.  However, Pinky has done a great job in slowly turning that house into a home.  Her thirty minute meals – ala Rachel Ray (did I get that right?) is something the boys and I look forward too at lunch and dinner.  Somehow, her meals make us want to chat more often during meal time – wow, bonding time.  The boys have also been eating more now!

Marga is such an angel.  All she does is drink milk, sleep and flash her pretty smile whenever we are playing.  She is really such a joy to take care of… and looks so pretty, if I may say so myself… yikes doting father!

The two boys have also matured so quickly.  They now enjoy taking responsibility in cleaning up their own room,  taking a bath by themselves and even washing their own “toot..toot” after doing number two.

So where does French classes come in?!  The boys had their first day of school yesterday in the International Schools Group (ISG) – Dammam.  As expected, the boys felt very excited and anxious about going to school.  It was good we were able to buy them each a new stroller bag, which made things a lot easier since they were ready to show off their new buy to their classmates. 

I dropped them off at the school gymnasium at around 7:30 am where they had a first glimpse of who their friends will be for the next two years.  Suddenly all the excitement disappeared!  I could only see anxiety in the faces of the two boys.  I wish I could have stayed there longer to lessen the stress but I had to leave them soon since I also had work.

When I fetched them at around 1:30 pm, everything changed.  I could only see smiles in their faces.  They suddenly lost those anxious looks that they had in the morning.  The two boys were so eager in telling me what happend during their first day.  Rafael said that he (and another Filipina classmate) decided to take Filipino as their elective, while the rest of the class decided to study French!  Knowing my son, I’m sure he decided to study Filipino instead of French to ensure that he gets good grades in the end.  Luigi, on the other hand, was bragging how nice her Indian teacher was and how disappointed he was that they were unable to go to the library (nerd!).

Pinky and I are now realizing how great it is to spend so much time with the children –  something we couldn’t do back home because of our schedules.  I will not say that it is easy stuff… in fact, it can really test your patience.  Nonetheless, we are just trying to enjoy every moment that the Lord has given us to see and appreciate how our children grow and mature.

Hope the boys don’t decide to take French as an elective or Pinky and I will be in big trouble!  Until next time. 






  1. Ok, hinihintay namin ni Allan yung part where you were going to tell us that you guys are all taking French lessons! hehehe… Glad to hear that all of you are settling in just fine. We were quite surprised at how well your kids adjusted to their first day of school. Kakatakot! I’m so scared pa naman sa ganya, especially since its a totally foreign place… but God is with you all every step of the way so truly you have nothing to worry about… Great stories, Keith! Thanks for continuing to share them with us. Take care and kisses to Pinky and the kids! 🙂

  2. Wow, mayabang ah…regular blogger na ha…with matching Dammam pics pa on your slideshow! You have inspired me to blog again!!! Haha! 🙂 Nice to know all is well with you. I miss you all! Send me pics soon. 🙂

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