Posted by: Leap of Faith | August 1, 2006

Special Message

Today I’d like to honor a very special person in my life.  Someone who has experienced so much difficulty in her life and yet has always emerged victorious.  She has inspired so many people because of her strong will and determination to overcome the most difficult trials in life and yet, despite all these, she has remained compassionate and soft.  This is person is my mom. 

As most of you know, my mom raised the three of us (my older brother Mike, myself and my younger brother Jamie) almost single-handedly.  My parents decided several decades ago that it would be best for all of us if they took their separate ways.  I’m sure this was not an easy decision to make  especially for someone whose medical career has not even started to pick-up.  

There were times when my mom would, in passing, mention how she did not know where to get money to pay for the electric bill or how the maids salary was even higher than what she was earning. Most of the time it was just like living on status quo and trying to make ends meet.  I’m sure a lot of people would have decided to just take the easy way out, which is to marry a very rich bachelor.  Looking back, that may have been a very good option.  However, my mom always put her children’s interest before her own. She always wanted to protect us from the emotional stress brought about by their separation. 

So instead of re-marrying she just decided to take the whole burden herself.  She strived and strived to the point that she was like on an 8-day work week. Often times, she would have to bring all three of us to the hospital in the wee hours of the morning because of an emergency. It was very difficult but she did not give up.

It was never easy taking care of three adolescent males.  Our family had its share of shouting and teenage brawls.  Yikes! what an embarassing time.  Despite this, my mom kept us in control.  She made sure that we all grew up to be fine young gentlemen.

I’m sure my mom cherished the moment when we all graduated from college.  We did not bring home any academic honors (dream on mom) but at least, she felt, we were equiped to face our own personal challenges.

Now, all three of us are married and have started our own families.  We have each chosen our wives who, in some ways, resemble the same qualities that we saw in our own mother.  Emotional strength, personal drive and undying love for family.

Mom, I honor you for all the wonderful things that you have given your children.  When I got married, you said that the only thing you can give us are roots and wings.  The roots so we will always know our past, where we came from. The family that has always been there to support us when we were having a difficult time. And wings, so we can soar to areas where you were unable to go and where we can build our dreams for our own families.

Thank you giving me my roots and wings.  I hope that all the hardwork that you have done for us will eventually pay-off and bear fruit in our children.  I know I don’t get to say how much I love you as often as I should. But I hope that, no matter how far we are physically, you will always know that you hold a special place in my heart.

Happy birthday Mom!




  1. Grabe, keith…pinapaiyak mo naman ako e! hehe. Lovely honoring! Grabe, never thought you’d have it in you to write so lengthily sa blog ha! I’m not much of a writer talaga (as you may have already noticed sa mga blog posts ko, hehe). Mas mabuti nang idaldal ko nalang, hahaha! Anyway, thanks for having us at Rafa’s party yesterday! Nakakaiyak man isipin that that would be our last time for the year to be all thogether, I am looking forward to your emails, blogposts and blog comments (hint, hint) to keep us updated 🙂 We’ll miss you guys big time! Take care! 😀

  2. Peachy, thank you for taking time to read my blogs. I realize that it is a great way to avail of free therapy! I should learn how to make this site more attractive like yours.

    Pinky and I will definitely miss you guys. We look forward to keeping in touch and having more “high tech” fellowships in the future.

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