Posted by: Leap of Faith | July 28, 2006


I can’t believe that I am just counting the days before I am again reunited with my family.  The past month since I arrived back in KSA is one of the hardest.  The thought of my wife and children finally joining me in KSA makes me want to move the hands of time even faster.  I will be coming home on 11Aug06 to attend Rafael’s sixth birthday and to fetch my family.  I can’t wait! 

Pinky used to complain when I was in Manila that I can not stay put in one place.  Even on a very hectic weekend, I would always ask Pinky if she wants to go out some more… i.e. go to the mall, visit family, eat out.  I guess for me staying put in the house and sleeping until noon is a waste of the precious weekend.

I have been reminiscing the past few days and I realized how much of me has changed over the past few months that I have been here in KSA.  The most major change is that I get so bored going out!  Somehow, the thrill of going to a mall or eating in a new restaurant is no longer attractive to me.  I guess none of these are fun when you are alone and far from the ones you love.

I am so sure that come 16Aug06 I will be back to my old vibrant self.  My wife and children will reawaken my innermost desire for adventure – from desert to desserts! I want to see what this country, our new home for now, has to offer. 




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