Posted by: Leap of Faith | July 14, 2006

Finally Got the Visas

I finally got the visas of Pinky and my children.  They issued me the “yellow slip” early this week, which I have to send back to Manila (together with all the other orginal documents I used) so my family can get their visas stamped in their passport. 

It sounds like a very simple procedure but getting that yellow slip was so difficult.  The requirements I had to submit were so plenty.  Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate and Diplomas all of which have to be duly authenticated by the National Statistics Office, Department of Foreign Affairs, DECS (for my diploma) and Malacanang.  The whole process was so difficult and our time table was very tight.  We only had a few weeks (during my vacation last June) for everything to be completed especially since we had to wait for Marga’s documents to be processed.  Luckily, my mom was able to pull a few strings and everything was completed a day before I had to fly back to Dammam.  Photo finish.

The processing here in KSA was even worse.  I had to get all my documents translated into Arabic, have it authenticated by the Phil Consulate in Riyadh and finally send it to the Stickdam office, the government office processing the visa.  To make things worse, all the forms had to be filled up in Arabic and processing was so slow!  The short time I’ve been here I realized how inefficient document processing can be.  The process is so frustrating and it will really test your patience.  Prayer is your only line of defense. 

Anyway, I’m glad the visa of my family is out.  I don’t think I want to repeat the whole process again. 

I’m starting to count the days before Pinky and my children finally come over.  I realized that staying here without them is not worth it.  The time you spend with your family is more precious than any material thing you can buy.







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