Posted by: Leap of Faith | July 9, 2006

Little Princess

When I left Manila my wife was five months pregnant with our third child.  We originally intend for Pinky and the boys to move to KSA soon after I arrived.  However, our plans were totally changed especially when we found out that Pinky was pregnant.  It was such a pleasant surprise.

I told my wife that I may not be able to come home when she gives birth – considering that by that time I would only have been staying a few months in KSA.  We were hopeful that I would be allowed to go home.  However, we were also realistic.  Pinky and I continued to pray that my boss would sign my leave forms in June.

As before, the Lord was truly in control. After only being in NCB for three months, I was allowed to take a three week home leave last June 9 to be with my wife and new little princess, who was born last June 3. 

We have been so blessed with our two boys, Luigi and Rafael, who have brought so much joy to us.  The addition of our last baby, Beatrice Margarita, is such an added blessing.  She was born healthy and with no major complcations.

Children grow up so fast.  One minute you are making milk and wiping the poopy.  The next minute they have all grown up and start watching reality tv with you.  I suddenly realized how much I missed carrying a fragile little body on my arms.  I missed smelling their clean hair and sweet breath. This is what every parent live for…children.

Marga is our last baby so I will cherish every moment while she is young. I have started to brainwash Luigi and Rafael into ensuring that their sister will always be our little princess.  Good luck to all the other boys out there… Luigi and Rafael are into WWF.

I am now counting the days before I am reunited with my whole family.  The next few weeks before they arrive are the hardest.  I suddenly miss my wife and children even more.  I continue to pray though that everything (i.e. visa processing and shipment of our personal belongings from Manila) will fall into place and that my family can soon join me here in KSA.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed.








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